Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 12, 2010

Good While It Lasted

I came to work this morning and was sad to see our whole floor empty. Our division had a recent reorganization and that resulted in some people being temporarily displaced (read: potentially lose their jobs). Expectedly, the morale of some of my colleagues are down and, as a result, absences are on the rise. In fairness, though, some of my officemates were officially on leave too so that also contributed to the low headcount today.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good day to photograph my workstation and office since I will be officially moving to another work area tomorrow.

This workstation has been my home for almost a year now and it was a very ideal work place because it was spacious and private. My new cube, on the other hand, is far from ideal but I guess that should be the least of my concerns given that some of my officemates do not even have jobs!

One thing I realized with all these changes is that we should never get too attached to material things unless we want to be miserable when these are taken away from us. All I can say now is that my old workplace was definitely good while it lasted.

My desk was very spacious – enough to contain several piles of accounts due for review.

… take two – from another angle.

A small round table where our team held meetings.

A view of the whole floor from my workstation. Nobody in sight!






  1. I like the chairs since it’s not the typical black =)

    I’ve been meaning to do a post of my workstation too, how “blank” it is whenever I leave for the day.

    I feel with you on job redundancies, from what I saw in my previous job, as well as with my husband’s case (hehe, nagkwento na). But I guess I have been used to it. Dubai was the hittest hard with the recent recession.

    In my current office, vacant workstations are all over since they just acquired two more floors and there was enough space for everybody. The industry it is in experiences the reverse of typical economy-based businesses (whatever I meant by that, hehe), not affected by recession. But one news from the US govt could mean me too blogging I’m losing work =)

    • Beverly, any form of downsizing is sad since it will definitely affect people. Surprisingly, the companies here in the KSA appear more resilient that is why I was surprised to find out that some of my colleagues were at risk of losing their jobs. I am still hoping it doesn’t happen, though.

      Hope you and your husband are okay. Dubai was really hard hit but I’m sure it will recover soon. Keep the faith!

  2. Very meaningful reflection, Hon…

    Another “vicarious” realization: You get to also know who your friends are during times like these. Sadly, some of them “fell short” of what I expected. But I guess that is how the chips fall – we’ll just have to grin and bear it and learn from our life experiences.

    I still say you shouldn’t have been assigned to “the cube” 😦 Laying the cards down on the table too soon does have its sad consequences.

    • I know it’s disappointing but I guess people sometimes shy away from awkward/difficult situations and as result make them appear indifferent to your cause.

      We make decisions based on what we “feel” is right – even if it means having to take the crap for it afterwards. If given another chance, I believe I would have chosen to do the same. My conscience is clear and I am happy. (Pang contest na reply yan ha!)

      God has always been very good to our family and I know that he will protect our interest. Right now what we should do is focus our energy on the future and be happy with what lays ahead.

  3. hmmm…what happened, curious now… i guess we’ll get an update on our next skype/MJ chat.

    yup, at the end of the day, just be grateful for what you (still) have, and don’t take anything for granted. i’m sure you’ll find something good about your next “cube”. it’s just a matter of perspective! 😉

    • We’ll definitely fill you in with the details next time we chat. Nothing really big – Pinky daw is just making some “buzz” to help boost the rating of what looked like a very boring entry – he he he!

      My new cube is definitely different from my previous workstations – the one in this post and the one I had before in my old building. The new one is smaller and quite close to a lot of people so that makes it hard to concentrate on your work. Fortunately, I won’t have to endure it for long – you know what I mean.

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