Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 8, 2010


Last Sunday, our family decided to let our creative juices flow and do this…

… paint Easter Eggs!

Admittedly, though, since Easter is not openly celebrated here in the Kingdom, Pinky and I were having second thoughts on whether we would still push through with the activity.  Fortunately, our children were very insistent and, since we did not want them to feel left-out because of our unique situation here in the Kingdom, we decided to continue with this very fun tradition…the Saudi way!

Pinky and the kids painted two eggs each while I decided to just help Marga out… but she quickly finished and went on with her next project…

… painting the scratch paper!

Here is another shot from the artist’s perspective. Nice, huh?!

Luigi and Rafael were also very excited to show-off what they did:

Rafael painted this very nationalistic egg (echoes of Francis M art, don’t you think?)  and a rainbow-designed one, which I unfortunately  failed to photograph.

Luigi, on the other hand, decided to take on the comic route – a self portrait!  Har har har! :mrgreen: Wait… or was he painting me on that egg?  Grrrr! 😥

Oh, and by the way, this is Marga’s version of a multicolored “marble-ized” egg.

I guess you are wondering were all these raw artistic talent came from, right?  My answer – definitely from my wife’s side of the family!

Flower power!  Definitely inspired by my “In Full Bloom” photographs, if you ask me – he he he!

In case you are wondering – yes, the Easter Bunny dropped by our house and hid those beautifully decorated eggs.  When our kids found them, they received these special prizes – two white chocolate rabbits and a gold box full of Lindt chocolate truffles!

In case you want to know how we celebrated our previous Easter, you can click this and this. Also, you may want to look at this for a creative way of reinventing those eggs after all the revelry.



  1. Thanks for documenting our Easter celebration this year, Hon. My account on last year’s Easter can be found here:

    Hope next Easter would be even better and with brighter-looking eggs – hahaha! Honestly, didn’t quite like how the tempera paint registered on the eggshells – acrylic definitely looked nicer. 😉


    • I found the eggs you painted very nice! We should try using natural dye next time, though, just to make sure we don’t get food poisoning.. hehehe!

      Looking forward to a great Easter celebration next year!

  2. Artists – they really are =)

    I noticed Marga’s left handed =) . I wonder what story she was telling while painting?

    • Thanks, Beverly!

      Yes, Marga is left handed. We were initially teaching her how to use her right hand more but later realized that it is better to just let it be. Are you left handed too?

      I actually don’t know what she was painting – forgot to ask that – hehehe!

  3. Cool art!

    (Napansin ko lang huh. Luigi is Keith!).

    Happy Eggster, I mean, Easter to Sy family!

    • Thanks, Nebz.

      By the way, are you saying that Luigi looks like me or the egg he painted looks like me? I hope its the former – hehehe!

      Happy Easter to you too.

  4. wish we did something egg-citing like that back here too. alyssa had a busy sked in divi, while javi’s too little…hence, no kids to do the egghunt with. i miss doing creative projects like that.

    can we do another egg hunt when you come back…? LOL 🙂

  5. Alyssa went to Divi?! Wow, starting early ha.

    Sayang, it would have been nice if they did their easter egg hunting there too – sabagay, ang korny naman kung si Alyssa lang ang maghahanap. The more kids the better.

    Oh, we would love to have a repeat of this activity when we come back. Sige, let’s plan it!

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