Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 4, 2010

In Full Bloom

It’s so unfair how time flies by so fast whenever I am on vacation. It just seemed like yesterday when I was boasting about the start of my week-long spring break and guess what – now it’s over! Is that even possible? Why do vacations end so abruptly before you even feel it?

Anyway, now that I am back to my daily routine in the office, I realize that there is no point in sulking nor in being miserable.  This vacation may have ended sooner than I wished but I know there will be more of it next time. That’s the beauty of it all – vacations are meant to end so we can look forward with eager anticipation to the next one(s).  And, when that happens, it is normally bigger, better and more exciting than the last.  Whew!  I never thought of myself as being a motivational speaker but, after what I just wrote, I think I can probably make a successful career out of it – he he he! 😆

Enough of that!  I guess the best way to motivate other people is to share some of the floral photos I took recently at home.  Some of the photos from this set were featured in the maiden issue of the online magazine, Kablogs Journal, which was just launched this month.

I hope you enjoy looking at these flowers in full bloom.  By the way, in case you are interested to read about  our recent vacation in Riyadh, you can click this.    






  1. Thank you very much for contributing your gorgeous floral photos Keith! The Kablogs Journal is honored to have your work in our first issue. Keep up the good (photography) work! 🙂 – J

  2. It’s my pleasure! Thank you for inviting me to participate – hope this will not be the last!

  3. Lovely, lovely blooms! Also love the composition of your shots, Hon… truly deserving to be included in the Kablogs maiden issue! I’m proud of you! Mwahh!!! :mrgreen:

    • Thanks, Hon! I definitely made the right choice when I married you – he he he!

  4. […] power!  Definitely inspired by my “In Full Bloom” photographs, if you ask me – he he […]

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