Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 21, 2010

The Magical Candy Land

A few weeks back, I posted an entry about a predicament we had regarding a friend’s request for my son to join a ballet recital.  In gist, he was asked to be the escort for the young ballerinas but, after trying it out for one session, he decided that ballet was not his thing (read this for the whole story).

Anyway, we attended the ballet recital last Friday and were pleasantly surprised to watch the performances of the young ladies. Despite their tender ages, most of them showed much promise as they gracefully danced across the stage.  Their costumes were also very beautiful – transforming each girl into lovely princesses and fairies of this magical place called Candy Land.


Of all the young ballet aspirants, the star of the show for me was the Sugarcoat Fairy who was played by Chloe – the youngest member of the dance troupe and daughter of our good friend.  

What is nice about this production is that they also allowed younger girls (who are not even part of the formal classes) to dress up and play cameo roles in the show.  Hopefully, this will encourage these young kids to consider learning ballet when they are a little older. 

A few months back, my daughter was also “ballerina-for-a-day” but sadly, it seems that the novelty of wearing her girly-girl leotards, cute tights and tutu quickly faded away (read this for the whole story).     


Anyway, I do hope that after seeing this beautiful production she will be convinced to study ballet again.  My wife and I are not giving up hope just yet… Who knows, we might just have our own prima ballerina someday, right?


(1) If my son decided to participate in this show, he would have been the “other prince.”

(2) Strangely, one of the most searched topic in my blog is “men in tights.”  I am amazed but, I guess, some people are just drawn to the idea of seeing grown men wearing tight “crotch-revealing” clothing. 

Out of curiosity, would any one care to see me in my tights? Come on, I know you all want too… he he he! 








  1. Hi! Blog-hopping and chanced upon yours. Do you take the photos yourself? They’re very nice. 🙂

    I figured that you live in Khobar; I’m in Jeddah and I was just wondering if you would be interested in our project. We are trying to get Saudi Arabia to participate in the Earth Hour event this year (and hopefully for the years to come). This is the first step to raising awareness on many topics including, but not limited to, climate change.

    We’ve set up a blog about our project; if you’d like to see it, it’s at

    I know I probably sound like Spam Mail, haha. Sorry!

    • Hi Diana! My wife and I take the photos that I feature in my blog. Thank you so much for appreciating them – it is very encouraging to hear positive remarks from other people.

      Your project is very interesting and I signed up already. Super excited to see how my family will handle life without electricity for an hour! I remember experiencing longer brown-outs when we lived in the Philippines before so that should be easy for me – I think…hehehe!

      Thanks for dropping by. I do hope to see you again.

  2. Haha, Keith! I am actually imagining you in tights. And I’m drooling! Haha.

    The kids are all cute. And I hope you could entice your daughter to join ballet again. (Isa sya sa mga pangarap ko, pero hindi ng tatay ko! I wonder why?).

    • Lol! I’m sure it must be a sickening thought to imagine me in tights – hahaha!

      Those kids are really cute especially with their costumes. I do wish my daughter considers taking lessons too so she can have her own recital.

      It’s not too late for you, Nebz! Why don’t you enroll here – for all you know, ikaw ang bida sa next recital…hehehe!

  3. You bet – I would’ve loved for Marga to have been able to perform as well in this recital… too bad she had other ideas… But hope springs eternal! She told me that she wants to do ballet next year – yipee! Nainggit ata… hahaha! 😆

    • Wow! She was a bit bitter when she saw the recital. I guess she realized what she missed when she saw the costumes. Anyway, let’s see how she handles its again when she finds out that she has to actually attend dance classes to be in the recital. Baka mag back-out ulit – hehehe!

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