Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 15, 2010

A “Soul-Full” Experience

Last week, Pinky and I had another chance to go on our second couple’s date for this year – yahoo! (Click this to read about our first date).

These moments are usually few and far between – and previously virtually non-existent – especially now that we live abroad and oh-so-far from our dear relatives who, in Manila, are ever so willing (or coerced?) to baby-sit on our behalf – of course with  a little bit of arm-twisting “gentle persuasion” from us.  😉  

However, since our three children are all going to school now, we managed to find a small window of opportunity within which Pinky and I can have a decent and peaceful lunch before going back again to our “chaotic” routine of being parents (and dedicated caregivers) once more.

To celebrate this special “moment”, we decided to try out this fancy Asian fusion restaurant in Al Khobar called Soul Kitchen.  If I am not mistaken, this opened sometime in 2008 but we never had the chance to try it out since it looked very pricey and, based on our past experiences, pricey restaurants are not really ideal places to go to when you have three children whose concept of gourmet food is processed chicken nuggets from the Golden Arches! Thankfully, we decided to try this restaurant without them since I am sure our dining experience would have turned out less pleasant if they were with us.

Anyway, enough with the chit-chat.  I hope you guys find these photographs good enough to eat as our food really was delicious and our gastronomic adventure something we will remember for a long time.


I love the cool blue color of this menu – matches perfectly with the modern interiors of the restaurant.

The sushi bar was adorned by these industrial-looking metal lampshades…

… while the wall was decorated with photos of koi fish, which definitely brought in the Asian charm

The restaurant boasts of having the freshest catch from the sea  – these prawns and mussels look really to-die-for

We dined at the second floor (family section) where bonsai plants like these were all over the place

The fancy table setting, nice decorations and good selection of (non-alcoholic) wine made it such a perfect date place

We were super hungry and so excited to eat.  These are what we ordered: 

Freshly baked bread crisps with garlic and chive dip

Hot miso soup with silken tofu and wagame seaweed

Japanese salad, which was good for two!

And our 20-piece mixed maki platter!

Check out the aesthetics that went into this plate…

… California and fresh salmon  and tuna maki…

… crunchy Tempura…

… and the super spicy Volcano!

Happy, contented and VERY FULL!

Of course, many thanks to the all-Pinoy service crew who made our dining experience definitely tops!

Soul Kitchen = Delicious food for the body and soul 😎








  1. Reading your post made me want to eat at Soul Kitchen again… soon!!! 😆

    Truly love that we are now able to “escape” with these dates – more and more of the same please! Labyu! 😉 :mrgreen:

    • I also want to go back, Hon. I seriously enjoyed what we ate but, more than that, I loved your company. Hope we have more of these moments soon.

  2. Keith & Pinky: Indeed seeing your photos made me hungry here in the office @ 9.30am. We will definitely try this too.

    now im craving for sushi..maki, tempura..list goes on.

    thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Ferdz, sorry for that. He he he! Kahit ako eh nagutom ulit just looking at the photos. Subukan niyo kumain doon.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Sir!

    Very, very impressive photos on your site. Can I ask for your email? We are currently doing a small project that needs good photos like yours. We’d like to ask for your help. Will tell you more in an email.

    Thank you very much!

    – Sundrenched

    • Thanks, Sundrenched. Your comment is very encouraging.

      I sent you a separate message with my email address. I look forward to hearing more about your project.

  4. good work on this second. may you have more lunch ‘getaway’ dates to come! :))

    • I hope mag dilang anghel ka, Pam. Dumadami na ang dates namin – yihee! l’m looking forward to the next one.

  5. your pics are amazing! i have never seen miso soup look this good. ha ha! this is my fave restaurant in town n i can’t wait to eat there again. 🙂 God bless your marriage n talagang follower na ako ng blog mo!

    • Hi Mai Hua! Thank you for your comment. My wife and I were actually thinking of how best to take a photo of the miso soup since all the ingredients were submerged in the broth. Buti na lang it worked out okay. I am also now a fan of Soul Kitchen.

      It’s so nice to meet another Filipino blogger based in the Eastern Region. Marami din pala tayo dito no? I do hope we get a chance to meet up with the other bloggers one of these days.

      Thanks for much for dropping by and leaving a message. Please feel free to visit again soon.

  6. tried posting a comment again coz i dunno if the first one got through…

    just want to let you know that we’re one in praising this great resto. lately ko rin lang ito na-discover, thanks to a friend who told me all about it. now it ranks as the number 1 spot whenever i’ll go dining in khobar.

    and maybe you’ll find my latest posting handy if you decide to go on another date with your lovely wife. though pasensya lang coz i write but never really take pics kaya kakahiya ang mga pics ko sa blog ko compared to what you have here! 🙂

    and yes, it’s nice to hear there are other bloggers just nearby. hope we can exchange links and get connected. have a great day you guys.

    • Hi Dante! First of all, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment (your first messsage did not push through). It really is nice to know other bloggers in our area.

      Thanks also for sharing your post. I enjoyed reading it and found it really helpful. My wife and I look forward to trying out Flamingo and the resto on 28th soon.

      Hope to see you again soon.

  7. obviously we both appreciate good food so i’ll try bona banana coz you just dispelled the not so good presumption i had with this place with its ‘weird’ name hehe! thanks!

    happy dining with your family. God bless!

    • Hi Dante! Super matakaw talaga kami ng wife ko – and it shows di ba?

      Please do try Bona Banana. I really enjoyed their lamb chops (na technically kebabs sa Pinas) – no pungent after-taste. The Pinoy service crew is also especially nice. In fact, you can look for Glen, the Pinoy store manager, who frequently gives us some freebies – he he he!

  8. Hi Ms. Pinky,
    Lagi ako napapadaan jan sa Soul Kitchen kaya lang feeling ko baka di sya authentic na Japanese . Pero looking at your pics mukhang authentic nga! Imma try it one of these days, btw baka naman ginto ang authentic makis and sashimi dun, hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    yUan Licauco

    • yUan, salamat sa pagdaan dito sa site ko. Pinky is my wife and partner in crime.

      As far as I can remember, Soul Kitchen serves seafood and steak too but their Japanese selecgtion is good. A bit pricey – as most Japanese restos in the Kingdom are – but very worth it if you ask me.

      There is another good Japanese resto in Al Rashid Mall (and soon to open in the Corniche) called Fushi Restaurant. We frequent this place too since it has more variety – try the Japanese curry – I love it.

  9. Last na Ms. Pinky, i dying to eat authentic chinese cuisine, can you recommend one? As you know andaming nagkalat na chinese restos but none of those ive tried ay nagserve ng dimsums…

  10. Nakakahiya, pero sino nga pla inaaddress kong Pinky? Bad ako..

    Anyways, sa me gawa blog nito its so cool and i have been reading all the entries…i might be staying late tonight to read all the entries…

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  11. yUan, we did not discover any good Chinese dimsum restaurant and I guess its because most of the dimsum recipes are pork based. We bought a pack of siomai, though, in the asian store in al khobar – near sabtco – and steamed it ourselves and the result was very delicious. The pack contained around 20-25 small pieces so medyo bitin for a big family like ours. The cost is a little pricey though but definitely worth the try.

    • hi! would just like to know how much you bought the siomai for? i’ve been looking for a place to buy them 🙂

      • Hi Enid. It’s been a while so I don’t really remember how much exactly the siomai cost. I know though that the brand was Ajiomoto and we bought it from the Asian grocery beside the SABTCO bus station in Khobar. Hope this is helpful.

        Sent from my iPad

  12. Hi Guys,
    Yeah i frequent that store near SABTCO too, i love the kimchi over there. I think if its good food, the price doesn’t matter at all. Thanks for the tip guys, I am going tonight actually! Hahaha, Soul Kitchen should pay you for the ad! Hahaha.

    • Yuan, good luck on the dimsum hunt. If I remember correctly, the brand is Ajinomoto.

      My wife and I enjoy eating and discovering new places too that’s why medyo marami kaming nakitang restaurants in the Eastern Region. Kahit wala ng bayad ang Soul Kitchen – they can just send us some food here in Manila and we will be very thankful!

  13. Could you please tell me the location of Soul Kitchen? been trying to locate it pero di ko mahanap ang sabi kasi nila nasa King Faisal/28st. di ko naman makita dun. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Dikes! It’s located in Pepsi Road across Steakhouse. If you are coming from Damman to Al Khobar, turn right at the intersection of Silver Tower and you should see it a few hundred meters on your right.

    Hope you find it and have a great dining experience too.

  15. what is the restaurant’s contact number, i am trying to book for tomorrow?

    • Sorry, Mahdi, I don’t have their contact number.

  16. hello !

    I heard alot about soul Kitchen . My hubby & I are planning to have
    ” gastronomic” date also . Do they serve Sukiyaki there? I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine… and I’m missin it so much since I move here last year.

    Love the photos by the way..

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Care!

      I’m sorry but I don’t recall seeing the Sukiyaki in the menu. However, there are so many good options to choose from and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

      Hope you enjoy your date with your husband.

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