Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 13, 2010

Greasy, Sweaty and Proud

I had a major vehicle problem again this morning – yup, the nth time in just a matter of months. Unlike my previous predicament, though (click here), my problem now was more manageable. Nothing as serious as before – it’s just that my right rear wheel EXPLODED while I was driving on the highway! Oh my gulay, when I heard that weird sound of gushing air coming out of my tire, I knew I was in BIG trouble!

In the more than 20 years that I have been driving, I never recall an instance when I had to change a busted tire all by myself. Somehow, there was always a good Samaritan doing the dirty stuff while I managed to get away by pretending to help. I hate to sound like a wimp but it is true.

Anyway, I knew I had no choice this time but to get out of this situation alone. So, with a strong battle cry of “Lord have mercy on me” – which, by the way, I heard from the sermon yesterday – I succeeded in overcoming this challenging situation albeit all greased up and sweaty in the end.

Despite the lack of sleep (since Pinky and I had to bring our daughter to the emergency room a few hours earlier due to high fever and a bad cough), I managed to change the tire by myself and I feel very proud of it!

I do not look forward to doing this again any time soon. But, I know that if it does happen again, I’ll be ready for it.



  1. good job! keep those fingers and toes crossed that you’ll never have to do this greasy, sweaty experience again. 🙂

    how’s marga? hope she is doing better…

    • Thanks! I know – as much as I am so proud of this, I would not want to do it again!

      Marga is feeling better now but still with colds. Please pray for her continued recovery.

  2. I’m just happy that nothing worse happened to you because of the darn busted tire… 😦 Silver lining is definitely you being able to change the flat tire all by yourself – woot, woot! 😀

    At least, you can now put a tick mark on your “change flat tire by self” to-do list 😉 Plumbing and electricals next? :mrgreen:

    • I was really so excited to have done the wheel all by myself.

      Actually, I forgot to share that there was a car that stopped with a Pinoy driver who asked me directions to Aramco. I thought tutulungan niya akong mag-ayos ng gulong yun pala ako pa yung tumulong sa kanya…hehehe! Anyway, all is well that ends well. I wouldn’t have a proud moment if he did the job for me anyway.

  3. Congrats Keith, you’re the man hehe.
    Hope Marga is fine na.

    • Hehehe! Thanks, Joel. Proud moment for me. No intentions of repeating it, though.

      Marga is better now but still taking antibiotics.

  4. congratulations! there’s a first time for everything. :))

    • Thanks! I hope this is my first and LAST!

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