Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 7, 2010

All Glammed Up

Last Thursday morning, my daughter and I went to Dream World to buy some prizes for our ISO party that evening. Dream World is a discount store which we used to drive by everyday when I brought the kids to school using our old route.  The place has always intrigued me since its signage boasted of having everything from SR1 and up – which I thought was very weird since it should have been the other way around, right?  I thought it more of a come-on for discount stores to advertise by saying that they have everything for SR20 and below, right? Anyway, since it is quite common for discount stores all over our city to advertise this way, we never really paid much attention to it –  thinking that it must be one of those “special” things done only here in the Kingdom.

So we finally went in.  While we were going around, Marga kept on getting distracted by the number of small trinkets and what-nots she found in the store. Admittedly, I was also excited to see so many good buys in that small haven that I even want to go back with Pinky to see if there is anything we can buy for our home. 

Since my daughter was a great little helper to me that morning, I decided to give her a special reward by letting her choose one gift.  She started to get excited upon hearing this – eagerly getting one toy first and then quickly replacing it later with another one. Finally, she decided that she wanted to get this special play set, which, in all honesty, I would not even have considered buying because it looked so tacky.  Anyway, I had to keep my word – this was her gift and she could choose whatever she wanted.


Cute little mismatched plastic bow clips

Her own jewel-encrusted comb and mirror

The whole set… dangling ruby earrings, pink floral-decorated pumps, a multi-colored bracelet, blue hair clips and, the winner, plastic purple stick-on nails – OH MY GOODNESS ! 🙄

We were all game to let her use everything except for those nails –  need I even tell you why?  Thought so too!

In case you are interested to see the glammed-up Marga, please click on the button below for more pictures.

I need time to get used to these clip-on earrings.  H-e-a-v-y! 😳

There, I’m okay now. Strike a pose!  Check out the fingers – sosyal!

A star in the making!

Check out those pumps – Christian Louboutin, move over! 😆

Love me… or LOVE ME MORE!!!

Hugs to all of you.  Mwah, dahlings!












  1. Our little diva definitely knows how to strut her stuff – and how! Hahaha! 😆 I don’t remember being this way when I was younger so she must’ve gotten this from your side 😉

    Love her “Louboutins” … work it, girl! 😀

    • Hahaha. Yes, she’s really one-of-a-kind. Where is she getting all this ka-kikayan. The boys said they saw her today in school holding Omar’s hand. Grabe, mukhang problemang malaki ito ha! Hehehe.

  2. OMG! marga you make me feel well haha! your so kikay! little fashionista, pinky kanino nagmana yan ha?

    • Buti na lang Tita Toni you feel better now. Kikay? Mukhang na- inggit siya sa mga fashionista titas niya in ISO eh.

      No question kay Pinky nagmana ito.

  3. i’m sure di yan kay pinky nagmana…palagay ko kay keith…hahaha! peace!

    how about your 2 boys? ano naman ang pinagbibili nila?

    • Naku, Ann kay Pinky yan. Ganyan ang suot niya the other night when she was flirting with me! Mas mataas pa nga ata yung heels eh.

      Walang nakuha yung two boys kasi hindi naman sila sumama sa akin.

  4. Woot woot!!! Ok na sana if not for the horrendous earrings. lol. Buti na lang marunong mag-project ang inaanak ko. Can’t wait for her to go back to Manila so I’ll have a new malling partner. Not cool anymore for Kuya Mattie to be seen window shopping with me. =)

    • Ha ha ha. Yes, those earrings – gosh!

      I’m sure she’d love to go malling with you especially wearing that outfit! Oh my, can you compete with that. Hehehe!

  5. even i don’t remember being this way…not to gang up on you, but it really must be from your side, keith. haha! 🙂

    gotta admit though, love the poses and love those plastic pumps (the heels!) even more. project runway – kingdom version just found its “it” girl! 🙂

    • My side?! Well, she must have gotten it from my mom or lor or ayn… Hehehe!

      She was feeling those shoes – even if she fell down several times because of it. I guess those are true signs of a future “it” girl.

  6. she definitely knows how to pose with good angles! pretty little lady. :))

    • Pam, super hirap nga ni Marga i pa-pose. Buti na lang eh good mood siya when we took those photos.

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