Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 2, 2010

Beckham-ming It Up!

Can you guess what my kids are doing?

Preparing to play foot fuzball !

Football is such a big hit here in the Saudi Arabia just like basketball is to the Philippines.  This is not an exaggeration but every vacant lot you see here will have some sort of make shift goal where men can play football in the sand.  Yup, you read me right – in the sand.  Don’t be shocked, remember we live in a sandbox where the temperature can easily hit more than 50 degrees Celsius in the summer – definitely not suitable for a well-manicured field of green grass, if you ask me. 

Since we are obviously not even close to being in the shadow of Pele, Ronaldo or Beckham, we happily content ourselves with playing a fuzball machine whenever we can.  These photos were taken during our Christmas vacation in Bahrain last December.   

Anyway, if you are still interested to read more about our attempts to turn into real football fanatics, you can read this and this.



  1. Must try this too soon – can’t believe how lame I could be in sports – be it on the field or even on a “boxed set” like this! 😦 Have to work these, er, (potential) muscles before they all turn to blubber… not a pretty sight!

    • Lol! I also have to work the few muscles that I have – hehehe! Do you reckon we have to buy one of this for our house? Just a thought.

  2. Saan ito Keith?

    • Sa Bahrain, Joel. Nagkita kami nila Toni ng Pasko. Nag stay kami sa hotel na tinirahan nila.

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