Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 28, 2010

Thoughts on Camel Riding

I can not believe I lasted four years in Saudi Arabia and have not even ridden a camel on its back!  If it is any consolation, though, I have seen camels on the back of pick-up trucks at least three times and it was an amazingly weird experience – somewhat similar to what you are feeling now as you look into the photograph, which by the way I only grabbed from one of the internet sites.

Anyway, it has been four years to date when I officially packed my bags and decided to leave Manila to seek the proverbial “land of milk and honey.”  Our family’s decision to move to the Middle East, while difficult at first, is one which we will never regret.  Life here has definitely been very different from what we were used to but it is not bad at all.  In fact, I must say that it is one of the best decisions we have made – not because we are financially better off now than when we left, as I’m sure most people would think – but because I feel we have grown stronger as a family.  My wife and I rely more on each other now for emotional support and that has trickled down to our three children as well.  True, the challenges we encountered made us fight more often too, but, at the end of the day, we also learned to love and value each other more because of them.

Our desert journey will end one day but, when that happens, I am sure we will only bring good memories of what has been a wonderful and unique experience in what has now been our temporary home away from home.

So, I am sure you are interested to know whether I will ever be able to ride a camel on its back, right?  My answer: Who knows – our desert adventure is not over yet!



  1. happy four years of kingdomship! if you never make it to ride a camel, you better make time to fit yourself in a roo’s pouch. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Shoot, I never thought of that. I have to go on a massive diet to fit in a roo’s pouch!

  2. Happy 4th Kingdom Anniversary! I definitely share your sentiments… this place may not be perfect and may be very different from what we are used to but it certainly managed to bring out the best in us and in our family – and for that alone, I will forever be grateful! 🙂

    And as if following the biblical pattern, after our years in the desert, I’m sure our Lord will now lead us to the “land of milk and honey”. 😉 Whaddyathink? Labyu!

    • So true, Hon. God has really been very good to our family and, I must say, true to all his promises. I feel good about the upcoming changes that our family must once again deal with soon since I know God is always by our side.

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