Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 26, 2010

No! Sushi

I mentioned in my previous entry that we had dinner in the Mall of Dhahran over the weekend.  While we were there, I saw a sign advertising several  upcoming restaurants.  One particular restaurant caught my attention since we were able to eat there twice before – the first was when we went to Dubai in 2007 and the second time was last December in Bahrain.  I must say, though, that our dining experience was very different in both instances – with the more recent one rating high on my “extremely disappointed” list.

When we tried Yo! Sushi in Dubai, we were all very excited since it was the first time our children experienced eating in a sushi bar with a conveyor belt.  Although my wife and I tried something similar before this, we were still also attracted by the novelty of having to choose our food as it moved alongside our table. So, when we found out that there was a new Yo! Sushi restaurant in Bahrain, we all  immediately agreed that we had to try it again and what best time to eat there than on Christmas eve.

Sadly, while our children still enjoyed the novelty of this experience, I could  not say the same for myself.  For one, I realized that the servings were very small and the price of each serving was expensive.  You need to order several platters, each one containing only three to four small pieces of sushi, before it can even fill your stomach.  The food selection was also limited – unlike in the other mid-range Japanese restaurants where we have eaten before. 

In fairness, though, the ambience was nice and, I guess, it would have been an ideal place for couples who go on dates and are very conscious of (the volume of) what they eat.  Unfortunately, this does not work well when you are in the company of three growing, hungry and uncontrollable monsters like my children, who are easily attracted by the colored platters in the conveyor belt and who do not realize that a big hole is left in my pocket  with every plate they get.  So, as much as I wanted to enjoy our dinner, I just couldn’t.  

Anyway, here are some of the pictures (proof) I took in Bahrain last December.

My wife and eldest son checking out the conveyor belt.

I love these orange lamp shades – it gave a nice touch to the place.

Yo! Sushi chef at work.


Here comes the sushi.  The plates are color-coded with each color corresponding to a certain price. 

How many of these can you eat?

These hungry monsters were out to get me. Seriously, I actually felt my children were on revenge mode. 

My second son shouting… “There get more!”

Happy and contented – Did you notice the food stains on her clothes?

So can anyone guess how many they’ve eaten?  The empty platters behind my daughter is a clue – that’s around half of our order. 

Here are the rest of the colored platters.

Now, I’m officially broke!

Will I give the restaurant another chance to redeem itself when it opens in our neighborhood soon? I am not sure, yet.  For now, it’s a No! Sushi for me.



  1. My husband and I are sushi lovers too, but cannot spend beyond AED200 for me, him and our son (seldom do we).

    We do visit Yo!Sushi only because we have the buy1-get1 vouchers.

    Here in Dubai, a Filipino couple opened their “Japinoy (Filipino-Japanese) resto and offers Sushi buffet for AED 49, but the choices are limited.

    Recently, we discovered Sumo Sushi and Bento that offers Friday buffets (AED88 per person, free or half price for kids). I guess we’ll hold on to our sushi cravings and just drive there when we cant already contain.

    • Hi Beverly! Naku, my whole family loves sushi. Masarap kasi at madaling kainin. Pinky makes these at home whenever she has the ingredients. Minsan nga lang eh masarap din kumain sa labas – para walang kailangan hugusan na pingan…hehehe!

      Oh, I love Sumo Sushi. We also eat there when we go to Bahrain. I think its actually good value for money – compared to Yo! Sushi. Too bad they don’t have the eat all you can in the Bahrain branch.

      It would be nice to have a buy one take one in Yo! Sushi. I guess I’ll still try it when it opens here in KSA especially if they have that promo.

      Hope you drop by again.

  2. A ha ha ha!! broke na ba? Hindi bale, busog naman ang mga mini Keith and mini Pinky 🙂 Keith ganda ng mga kuha mo..subtle ang lights when needed, galing!

    gawa na lang sushi sa bahay….I will tonight actually, nakabili ng masago kahapon eh 😀

    • Hi Thess! Nice to see you again.

      Naku, nabutas talaga ang bulsa ko. Japanese food pa naman is expensive and my kids were like crazy people who were deprived of sushi – hay! I wanted them to stop getting but also couldn’t since that was our Noche Buena. Hay!

      I wish I could claim credit for the good photos. To be honest, Thess, naka Auto setting lang ako using my DSLR. Never ko nang natutunan how to use it since I get so itimidated playing with the settings. I think what I need is a hands-on tutor for me to learn – you interested to teach me? Hehehe.

  3. Sushi! We love sushi… though we’re really hoping for more sushi/Japanese restaurants to open here in Riyadh. So far we only have Samurai and Sushi Yoshi to choose from.

    Very nice photos too! 🙂

    • Hi PT – sorry not sure who among the 4 ladies posted the comment. Anyway, I agree with you guys. It would really be nice to have more Japanese restaurants here in the Kingdom. Even here in the Eastern Region, there is only one mid-range Japanese Restaurant called Fushi. We love it – since wala naman kaming option. Buti na lang, there are several hotels here which are introducing asian cuisine – yun nga lang very expensive.

      Thanks so much for the complement and hope to see you guys again.

  4. You said it right – Yo!Sushi = No Sushi – hahaha! 😆

    Good thing Sumo is just a long bridge away and thank God we have Fushi right here in our sandy kingdom. 🙂 Worst case scenario: I make the sushis at home!

    • To be honest, considering the price we paid for our meal, I would go with Fushi any time. Similar cost but definitely better in taste and quantity. Sumo is my all time favorite Jap resto here in the Mid East (ooops! I forgot I also love the one in Gulf Hotel).

  5. The best sushi i have ever tried in Bahrain is I Love Sushi located in palm square Budaiya … all you sushi lovers out there, u better try I Love Sushi. Its amazing and good price.

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