Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 21, 2010

Super Sports Day and Other School Stuff

I just wanted to share these pictures of Marga’s first Sports Day, which was held in school last Wednesday, and some other class photographs.  These photos were taken by her teacher, Ms Lona Veigas, who graciously shared these pictures with all her students’ parents.

This is just half of Marga’s class (Reception B).  I heard most of them were down with the colds the same time she was sick. Poor kiddos.

Most of the students in her class are of Arab descent (i.e. Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, etc) or from India and Pakistan. 

This young man is Omar – Marga fancies him… uuuy!  Too bad he seems to have gotten into a minor accident when this picture was taken – notice the bruises  under his eye and nose?

The boy on Marga’s right is Rian Malik.  It’s funny how my daughter always mistakes Rian’s bus driver as his father.  I guess Marga thinks that all men who fetch her classmates are their fathers – probably since I am our family’s  “designated driver” – even if they do not even look-alike!

The girl on the left is Yara.  From the look of her face, it’s as if she swallowed a whole ball of play dough – argh! 😆

Now, on to the main event – Sports Day! Yipee! The kids eagerly wait for the instructions from Ms Lona.

First game is “Pass the Lemon.”  Notice how my daughter does this using just one hand. Isn’t she great?!

Next is “Balance the Basket.” Notice how my daughter is the only one who cannot balance that darn thing – basket’s fault, if you ask me… 😉   Isn’t she still great?!  Of course, she is!  (Don’t even think of saying otherwise!!!!)

Last game is this – “Jump towards Ms Lona.” Notice how my daughter is last again.  Damn,  why do they even have Sports Day?!

My daughter may have ended last in this race but she will always be first in my heart (next to her mom, of course).

All tired now.  When will this day end?

All back inside the classroom and ready to nap.  My daughter is the only one who is sitting down because she hates napping in school. She used to cry everyday during her first month in class because she was being forced to sleep.  


The kids enjoyed these beautiful animal masks made by their teachers.  Definitely a great way to end the day! 



  1. Thank God the virus is on its way out of our home and divalette is back in fighting form 🙂 God is good!

    • Amen to that. Hope it takes a while before our next bout of colds and flu.

  2. hi…big fan of divallete here kulilit bulilit na makulit…hugs n kisses….hay sarap maging bata..

    • Salamat, Dacz. Kulit bulitlit talaga!

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