Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 16, 2010

Eat’s a Date!

Earlier this month, Pinky and I had a very rare chance to go out on a pre-Valentine’s date.  Yes, a real DATE  – without our children!!!

Since Marga is now going to school with her brothers, I went on leave for a day and decided to bring Pinky to have lunch at the Asahi Pan Asian Restaurant in Sheraton Hotel, Dammam.  The thought of us having “our time” without the kids is pure bliss (even for just a few hours) but what made it extra special was that the Japanese food we ate was even delicious, a rarity in this part of the world.  

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to savor the moment since we had to rush back again to fetch the kids who were waiting for us in school.  Hay, life!  Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have more of these dates in the coming months – so looking forward to it already.

The teppanyaki grill – we hope to try it in our next visit.

The sushi bar was attended by the head chef, who is a Filipino.

Our appetizers – tuna, salmon and mackerel – ooh so fresh and delicious!

Our main course – seafood and beef teppanyaki with stir-fried vegetables.  Before this, we also had fresh green salad with Japanese dressing and a warm bowl of miso soup.

Our dessert – fried strawberry tempura ice cream and fresh fruits.

Pinky’s oriental style abayah blended perfectly well with the beautiful interior of this restaurant…

… while I just, uhm, blended in – full stop!

Happy and contented.  This will definitely not be our last date. 









  1. Hon, this is definitely a major highlight of our stay here in the kingdom – couple time at last – woohoo! 😀 I love, love Asahi… but moreso, I love, love your company all the more 😉 Thank you for making this possible! Labyu! Mwah!

    • I know – did not even think a couple’s date was even possible. Buti na lang Marga goes to school now.

      I’m thinking already of our next date. Hmmm, where can we go. Sige, let’s plan it soon.

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  3. love this story! :))

    • Thanks so much, Pam! Ang hirap kasi ng buhay natin dito – mahirap mag date. Kayo ba naiiwan niyo si Ara sa ibang mga tao para maka date naman kayo ni Ric?

      • ay naku keith, we’ve never gone on a date for such a loooong time na! as in 5 years na! inggit ako sa inyo! wahaaaa! lol!!

      • Naku, Pam, ganyan rin kami. It is only now that we are having time to go out as a couple. Super na miss na nga naming mag date. Nakakapagod din kasi kapag laging maraming mga chikiting na kasama. At least isa lang si Ara!

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