Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 13, 2010

Of Men in Tights and Viruses

It’s been more than a week since a virus infected our laptop and,  thankfully, I just got our reformatted computer today. It took a while before this could be repaired but I’m glad every thing is now back in order.  

Similarly, our little girl also caught the cold virus and she started to have high fever over the weekend.  It was a very stressful week for Pinky who had to give round-the-clock medicines to Marga and nurse her back to good health. Fortunately, our daughter is feeling better now and should fully recover soon.

oooo OOO oooo

A friend of ours recently asked us if we can let Luigi participate as one of the escort (Prince) in a ballet recital.  Embarrassed to turn down this request, we forced Luigi into accepting this and told him that his role will be simple and that it was not as bad as he thought.  Honestly, though, I had my reservations and felt uncomfortable allowing my son to participate in what I consider as a very “feminine” dance form.   

I know a lot of people will disagree with my statement.  In fact, the dance instructor immediately corrected me when I said this to her yesterday.  She was quick to defend male ballet dancers by saying that most of them are actually very masculine.  What is funny, though, is that while I know she may be right, I had a hard time buying her explanation.  I guess seeing “men in tights” gracefully tip-toeing and gliding across the stage is not my idea of what is, ahem, “macho.” 

Luigi bravely gave it a shot but realized that this was really not for him.  I would like to thank him, though, for trying to please his old folks even if it meant doing something that was as difficult as this request. 

Anyway, I’m glad these predicaments are over and done with.  Hopefully, viral infections and dance requests like these will come less frequently in the future. 

Out of curiosity, though, I just want to know what you would have done if you were in our (ballet) shoes?








  1. All I can say to both viruses: good riddance! 😆 Hope we don’t catch any of you anytime soon…

    You said it – men in tights also does not ooze “machismo” to me – hahaha! 😀

    • Amen to that!

  2. Amen to that Keith.

    • Thanks, Joel! Ayaw ko na ng mga sakit-sakit.

  3. hi sadiq.happy Vday to ur family.hi to divalette hope shes okay now,take vitamin c and any antioxidant everyday lol wow ballet as what my ballerina classmate in college its the highest form of dance…i love to dance also shes my partner in dancesport(ballroom dancing lol)

    • Dacz, thanks. My daughter is feeling better now.

      Actually, I’m sure this artform really needs a lot of discipline. I think my biases lang ako – hehehe! Magaling ka pala mag ballroom dancing. Do you dance here in the Kingdom?

  4. no harm in trying. :))

    • I have to get used to the idea of Luigi or Rafael doing ballet. I’m sure it’s hard work, though.

  5. […] after trying it out for one session, he decided that ballet was not his thing (read this for the whole […]

  6. it was nice of Luigi to give it a try; such a young gentleman!

    • Thanks, Jen! It was really nice of him to at least try it out. I really felt guilty afterwards knowing that I was sort of forcing him into this situation – bad father – hehehe!

  7. It is completely ignorant of you to deem male dancers as “un-macho” what, exactly is OK in your book for “machoism”? Stomping around wearing a speedo and wrestling boots, bashing other men’s heads in like Macho Man Randy Savage? This is really quite ridiculous. Superman wears tights, Spiderman wears tights. They are “macho” I would presume? Further, if you have ever actually watched male dancers and what kind of incredible feats they can accomplish, you would shut your ignorant trap immediately. Cudos to you for having your son try it–it certainly isn’t for everyone, but at least he gave it a shot.

    Consider this– would you rather have a son who is proficient in athletic ability as well as self expression, or would you rather have a bullying “macho man” on your hands? Ballet teaches self discipline, poise, graciousness and poses several athletic challenges for those boys brave enough to try it (no thanks to people like you who make it into something its not. It is not emasculation of the male– it is expression of one’s self through physical prowess, no matter your gender.) You seriously need to educate yourself before trashing an art that was invented by *GASP* a MAN. A king to be exact. Now how much more macho can you get?

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