Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 9, 2010


So bored. I’m currently attending a bank function here at the Movenpick Hotel. An hour and a half presentation done in Arabic. Did not understand a single thing. Dinner was not great too! Argh!

Took this photo of the chandelier just to entertain myself. Hope tomorrow will be a better day.



  1. Gosh, even the chandelier looks boring! Poor you!!! 😥 Buti na lang walang traffic sa kaharian at nakauwi ka na agad… sabi sa iyo, dapat naiwan ka na lang sa bahay e… hehehe 🙂

    • Hahaha… the picture actually looks ugly, thanks for pointing that out. It must have been such a bad event since I originally thought this shot was artistic! Guess, I’m turning loonie!

  2. I want to open my small business but i didn’t found a support someone give me an advise !!!

  3. Hehe ganyan din ako pag may presentation/training na sobrang boring. I also try to amuse myself para di antukin. Akala ko noong una may flying saucer na dito sa kaharian hehe. Pero by the way nice silhouette shot

    • Hey, KD! Oo nga pero ang weird kung bakit they have to inlcude us pa in a presentation which we do not understand. Even the slide presentation were all done in Arabic – hindi man lang English and Arabic.

      Mukhang ngang flying saucer. I used my phone camera and had a difficult time framing the chandelier. Mukhang, I’m coming up with excuses. Actually, I was just hungry and bored that time. See you tomorrow.

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