Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 2, 2010

Winter-iffic Picnic

Exactly a week ago, our friends here in the Kingdom decided to have a winter picnic in the Al Khobar Corniche.  I know it sounds weird to go to the park on a cold night and hang-out with the gang.  However, I must explain that when this get-together was initially conceptualized earlier during the week, the weather was just like Tagaytay in December.  Unfortunately, it suddenly turned from comfortably cool to almost-freezing cold that evening (read: around 10 degrees Celsius) and it was already too late for us to change our plans. So, armed with a few light jackets and a lot of stories to tell, our group decided to brave the cold weather and simply have a great time.

Surprisingly, all the children did not seem to mind being turned into human popsicles. In fact, they were even running around the park, sometimes without their jackets, as if it were a bright sunny day!   We (the more senior members of the group), on the other hand, cherished every brief opportunity we got to be away from our kids and enjoy what seemed like intelligent, adult conversations even under these hypothermic conditions.

What we initially thought would be a 30-minute “hello and goodbye-I’m freezing” get-together turned out far better than what we expected. In fact, we survived more than 5-hours of cold weather and left the park at around 1 am! Needless to say, our winter-iffic picnic was a success – win na, terrific pa!

The beautiful women of International Shutters Organization (ISO).

Marga tired from all the running. Me feeling conscious – yihee!

The whole gang.

(PS: Many thanks to our dear friends, Toni Roquim and Raffy Beltran, for allowing me to use their pictures in this post)





  1. Nothing beats the company of good friends in warming us up even in the coldest of winters 🙂 Wagi ang post mo, Papa!!! Hahaha! 😀

    Here’s to even better times (and fun picnics – and barbies) ahead!

    • Wagi as in winner talaga! We all had fun. I’m sure if someone from Canada was reading this entry, they would be laughing their hearts out. This weather is summer to them!

      To more picnics and barbies!

  2. weee.. another site added in my favorites, indeed! we had a great time chit chat on that winter-riffic picnic. Looking forward for another spring-picnic naman :-)thanks Keith and Pinky for sharing your thoughts you’re the best!

    • Hi Toni! Thanks for adding my site to your favorites. Dalaw na kayo ni Pinky na nag favorite sa akin…hehehe!

      I look forward to hvaing a sping picnic too, Toni. Let’s starting planning it. I’m sure that’s going to be a blast. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Keith, I have to share this back on my Facebook Wall….

    • Sure, Raffy. No problem. Thanks again for the photos.

  4. marhaba sadiq..
    im one of ur lurker fan here lol lol not only to your blog but to your wife’s blog as well, i love reading your post,im lil bit shy to post a comment here lol ad this is my first time lol and hay kakainggit dyan sa khobar may winter dito sa jeddah wala mainit pa rin,yan ang namiss ko sa khobar i worked there for about 1.5 years.

    I have question what travel agency that arranged your cruise getaway in greece? im interested para mapagipunan na lol

    • Hi Dacz! Thanks for dropping by our sites and de-lurking. Read your blog too. Medyo masarap nga yung panahon ngayon dito sa amin. Medyo mas mainit nga diyan sa Jeddah noh?

      We booked our cruise package with Dolphin Hellas – Athens based travel agent. Very profrssional naman yung contact person namin doon even though never ko siyang nakausap or nakita. You’ll enjoy Greece – so many interesting sites to go to. Punta ka doon!

  5. sarap talaga pag me gathering! madami din pala kayo jan huh! at fave ko ang kfc!! hehehe..(joke lang syempre jollibee)
    nice..nice pics! lalo na si marga, pag napagod sila mas madali makatulog! im sure you know the trick! 3 kids na kayo eh..hehehe..

    • Hi Dang! Yes, we do have a few gimmicks too. Siyempre mas scaled down and simple lang ang activities namin pero fun pa rin naman. Jollibee dapat! The KFC here is not as good kasi walang gravy na kasama.

      Yup, we just let all our kids run around pa naman mapagod sila. I guess that is every parent’s secret.

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