Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 28, 2010

Give Us More!

January and June are two of the favorite months here in the Kingdom.  Why so? Because this is the time when stores change their stocks and go on ridiculous sales!

So, despite coming home late from a great winter-picnic with friends last night, Pinky and I (plus Marga) headed off to the Mall of Dhahran this morning to check out what they had to offer.  Thankfully, we are now almost complete with our “pasalubong list” for our next homecoming this year.

Officially, we are broke too but, what the heck, who can say no to all those discounts? Give us more, baby!  



  1. If Pink Tarha girls were to read this, I’m sure they’d be travelling to Dhahran to grab this op.

    70%? Yayain ko ung kaberks ko later.

    • Oh, I’m sure. But, if my memory serves me right, Pinky said the ladies from Riyadh shop like crazy too… not even a bomb threat can stop them from getting those great deals… hehehe!

      Stocks are running out very fast. I suggest you go there soon if you still want to buy anything.

  2. Never thought I’d ever say this but… I so enjoyed shopping during this sale season! 🙂

    Here’s my proof:

    • I know!

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