Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 31, 2009

Our Christmas Celebration (Part 3)

I know you guys are getting tired of reading about our Christmas celebration.  Promise, this will be the last – at least of our partying DONE AT HOME. There’s more, of course. But, details of that will follow in my subsequent entries.  For now, the order of this post will be done in reverse since I am now in the “what-we-got-for-Christmas” mode.  

Anyway, after we arrived from our hectic Christmas celebration in Bahrain, the children hurriedly went back to our apartment with Pinky (I was getting all our bags from the car).  When they entered the house they were shocked to find a special gift under the tree! Guess who dropped by while we were gone?  The big old man in a red suit!

Just like what he did in Christmases past (click this and this), he left a special note written in his signature red ink.  Unfortunately, since I am unable to attach the original letter to this post, I had to re-type it in whole just to share it with you.  I also included some pictures to help you visualize Marga’s gift. 


Dearest Margarita,

I don’t believe that a year has almost passed and that I am back in your home again to bring your present.  It has been a very hectic year for me, you know since so many kids made it to the “nice” list this year.

To be perfectly honest with you, I had no doubt that you would make it again this year.  Although, your occasional tantrums and “dramatic moments,” as your whole family calls it, made me think twice. Hmm, it’s good that you did many nice things too (like potty train yourself, enjoy going to school and partly gave-up drinking from your milk bottle) so I had to tell my elves to work doubly hard to finish this present which I brought for you. Ho! Ho! Ho!

By the way, I noticed that you did not come up with your Christmas list this year so I decided to just go with what I thought will make you happy.  I hope this new kitchen play set will help you enjoy cooking for your Mama and Papa (and brothers too!).

 Speaking of your brothers, I do hope you can tell them that I have been sad recently since I noticed that they have started to question whether I did all the special things for them when they were your age.  I was hoping that all those special moments would always remain in their hearts and that they will unselfishly share these to other children, like you. I still believe in them, though, and I know that one day they will share with their children the happy Santa Claus experiences they once had.  

 Oh, this will be all for now since my reindeer and I have to fly off to Greece to deliver more presents.  Mrs. Claus misses you too… she says to tell you to stop growing up so fast since she notices your Papa has been crying secretly whenever he thinks about you not being his tiny baby anymore. 

 I’ll see you again next year.  Enjoy Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Santa Claus

Luigi, Rafael and I assembled Marga’s Kitchen Showcase.  Finally, thanks to Santa, her dream to own a carinderia has come true!

Opening day… all stressed out!  Where are the ingredients?  How can I cook?!


Oh, there they are in the pantry.

Cooking utensils – check!

Cooking pan, catsup, mayo and mustard … check, check, check and check!

Cups, saucer, plates and all other things – check! 

Now, do you want to try the house specialty? 

Roasted chicken ala Marga! Picture perfect, right?

Now, it is time to clean the dishes (Marga’s thought bubble:  Hay, buhay! So this is how it feels to be like Mama and Papa. So kawawa naman.)

Please come back soon.  Hopefully next time, I will be able to serve more… of me – notice my clevage (*wink) …hehehe!

Merry Christmas y’all!



  1. Marga-the future chef! what an awesome gift…I want one! hahaha!

    • Oh, I hope mag dilang-anghel ka, Teacher Anna. Pinky will be the first to rejoice since she will be able to finally give-up her role as primera kusinera…hehehe! Baka if you are a good girl, Santa will give you one next year…hahaha!

  2. Oh yes – now she’ll have a feel of how a big chunk of her Mama’s everyday life goes – sweet! Hahaha! 😆

    • Yes, I know. I just told Teacher Anna that you will be the first to be happy if Marga took over your role in the kitchen. I’d be happy if liit starts washing the dishes too!

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