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Our Christmas Celebration (Part 2)

Pinky and I wanted to have a fun and special way of giving presents to our children this year. Instead of the usual gift opening, we decided to make it a little harder by leaving clues of where their gifts were hidden all over the house and building. Our treasure hunt was definitely a success and our night was truly filled with fun, laughter and LOTS OF SURPRISES!  Personally, the greatest prize was just seeing how happy the whole family was at that moment. Definitely, something we will all fondly remember.

I guess the best way of sharing what we did that night is to show the clues and blow-by-blow photographs of what transpired.  My additional commentaries will be highlighted in blue.

(Pinky reads the intro letter that was hidden in their Christmas socks)

 Certain gifts aren’t under the tree;

We hid them all over to challenge you three. 

Take note that eager beavers you shouldn’t be; 

Just wait, think and use the power of three. 

The clues are simple but be forewarned, 

That the order must be followed or you’ll be darned.

The first one goes to the little girl who

Is as lovely as her gift, my dear, oh, we love you!

Clue 1:

A princess is locked on top of the tower,

Combing her hair she does every hour.

Outside the house her gift awaits,

If only she used the steps to heavens gates.

(The kids figured out that the gift was not in the house.  So off they went to the top floor of our building where they found the package)

Good job dear maiden, you found it quick,

Your job’s not over – stop, wait and think.

Open your gift and you will find,

A clue that is meant to blow-off your mind.

(Pinky and I recently bought Marga a Barbie Rupunzel VCD so you can just imagine how excited she was to find out her gift was the actual doll!)

Clue 2:

These yellow packages made you think

Why one was small, the other one big.

We tell you, though, to not judge the boxes,

For both are definitely really great prizes.

Before you find your presents, though,

To us a solemn promise you must make.

Without our reminding, this room should be kept clean

Of papers, toys and dirty clothing.

Your gifts are hidden from the mess,

Inside the wardrobe, we kept it in jest.

Open these so you will find,

A treasure guaranteed to blow off your mind!

(Pinky and I wrapped these gifts and placed it under our tree even before Christmas.  Luigi and Rafael were dying to know what was inside but we hid it again as part of this game). 

(Luigi and Rafael were super surprised to find an extra Wii remote and nanchuck – isn’t it obvious with the third picture?  They have been pestering us for months to buy a Wii for them and they almost lost all hope.  Apparently, some wishes do come true.) 

By now your hearts are beating faster,

Don’t’ lie – we see from your smiles and laughter.

Where or where can the real gifts be?

How about a kiss first to Mama and me?

(We were unable to take photos of the kisses they gave us.  We assure you, though, that they were wet!)

Clue 3:

Those wet kisses made us think twice,

Were they naughty or just really nice?

To both our boys whom we care for so dearly,

Grow up and remember our love for you so clearly.

Your true gift is hidden inside a chair,

in a room where it was not originally placed there.

Enjoy – but remember this comes with responsibility,

If grades go down, you will all lose accessibility.

Your gifts are there but Mama and I pray,

That you won’t forget what this season really says,

The birth of our Lord and the joy that is real

Trust and hope in Him are what we should always feel.

We sincerely hope you three had a blast,

For Mama and I truly wanted this Christmas joy to last!

We love you, our dear gremlins!

(The boys could not contain their excitement opening the real gift. Marga was, surprisingly, excited too.) 

(Just when we thought the game was done, Pinky handed me a small note.)

You think it’s done,

We see your glee.

Hold your horses

there’s more…

For greater than three is the power of four! 


(I was shocked!  Pinky pulled a fast one on me.  I had no idea what she had planned.  My gift?  A BlackBerry!)

(I couldn’t let that pass and I wanted to have the last laugh.  So when the boys opened the box of their new toy, they found another clue!)

But wait, who told you this game is complete 

Did you really think I’d let Mama weep? 

Today is her special day too, you know, 

So let’s share all the smiles and say Ho! Ho! Ho!

Although she is a year older, she looks definitely not 

In fact, if I may say so, she is amazingly hot! 

So tonight all you kids have to sleep when I say so 

For Mama’s one sizzling chick who turns on my mojo!

 Enough with this first and let’s get back to the game 

Look for her gift lest you three be put to shame. 

Her package is hidden inside a dark box  

Care when you open, you might even want to knock?

(This was a decoy gift – an empty box – which I placed under our tree.)

(The real gift was hidden inside one of these plastic boxes).

Surprise! Surprise!  Now we are done. 

A year’s almost over but I still have a wish for you, Hon. 

May God’s choicest blessings by ever upon you 

Good health, peace of mind and happiness too!

Although you did not get your true birthday wish

I hope this red netbook will make up for what you’ve missed.

Perhaps next year another game we will have

where prizes include Gucci and LV bags!



  1. What can I say? Another (Christmas) mission accomplished! 😀

    We all had so much fun that I’m already looking forward to our holiday family gimmick next year… abangan! 😎

    • Hon, success!

      I’m getting worried, though, that our gift giving is getting difficult and difficult every year! Naku, how will we do it next year? Perhaps, we should start planning it as early as now!

  2. wow! wish i was part of that christmas gimmick…okay lang rin kahit next year na lang ako sasama. 🙂

    so funny how marga didn’t seem to care much for searching for the boys’ gift after she got her barbie. though she did look excited when they finally unwrapped it. btw, i liked your clue to pinky — borderline PG. 🙂

    • Rina, I miss how much you and Pippo have been so instrumental with our gimmicks in the past. We do look forward to having you again in our team. That will definitely be so much fun!

      Did you notice how Marga was just looking at her doll the whole time. She just couldn’t wait to open it. In fact, she was pressuring us to open the box even before our treasure hunt ended. I think she was not even sure what we were doing.

      The boys naman were genuinely surprised even when they opened the Wii box. I guess they couldn’t believe that Pinky and I decided to buy one for them. The Wii is so fun, though. Ican’t believe we just bought it now…hehehe!

  3. had fun reading your christmas adventure. may 2010 holds abundant blessings for your family!

    • Hey Ronnie! Thanks so much! It’s nice to see you again.

      Hope you had a great Christmas celebration too. Happy New Year in advance!

  4. very exciting naman ang gift giving nyo…pati ako na-excite!!! what a happy family! more blessings from the Lord in the coming year!

    • Thanks, Teacher Anna. I guess this is just how we try to cope with the loneliness of being away from our families back home.

      May God’s blessings be showered upon your family too and may he grant you your heart’s desires soon.

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