Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Celebration (Part 1)

Christmas has always been a very special time for our family.  Aside from the usual revelry, we also celebrate Pinky’s birthday, which falls on Christmas day, and also our wedding anniversary which is the day after.  Similar to what we did last year, our family decided to take a short weekend vacation in Bahrain to celebrate these events.  However, unlike before, we decided to just open all our Christmas presents in our home instead of bringing these to Bahrain and back.

One of our family traditions, which started last year, is the exchange gift.  Since we noticed that our boys are getting older and more responsible already, we thought that it would be a nice idea if we could teach them how to share their blessings to other people.  And considering our limitations here in Saudi Arabia, we thought the best and fun way of doing this is to have our own Kris Kringle. 

So, like what we did last year, we went to a local department store one morning, gave our children a small amount of money and allowed them to shop on their own for something special for one member of our family.  This tradition  is really fun especially during the revelation night, which we did on the 23 of December.

Since Pinky wanted our Christmas dinner to be extra special, she decided to dress-up our dinner table to look like this:

Red plastic plates, colored tissue paper and mini wine glasses make a great way to create a shabby-chic yet very festive look. Our dinner spread was composed of spaghetti and tacos – to perfectly match the wine glasses, of course – hehehe!

We made sure to take as much family photographs as we can.  Our theme of course was RED.

Before we revealed our “babies” we took photos of the presents we bought for our exchange gift.


And the results, Marga got Luigi;  Luigi got Rafael; Rafael got Pinky; Pinky got me; and I got Marga.

The night was still young and our party was just starting to warm up.  However, I realized that this post is getting a bit too long so I will just end it here.

I promise to share the pictures of our gift opening in my next blog.  Until then.




  1. very nice, looks like your christmas celebration in the kingdom was not bad at all (despite being far away from us here). di bale, hopefully next year we’ll all be together again (roo-bee-doo-bee-dooooo)…

    looking forward to your next blog post, and the revelation of the gifts in detail. 🙂

    • Thanks, Rindu! It surprisingly turned out better than we expected. Of course, it would have been the best had we been with your company. Di bale, next year, Inshallah!

      The best part of the party is yet to come – although, I’m not sure if the pictures will do justice to it – hehehe!

  2. what a lovely family! I wish we have kids to start this kind of tradition…:(
    can’t wait for your next post!

    • Thanks so much, Teacher Anna. Naku, I’m sure God will bless you with your own little family soon. Just remain faithful – everything happens in His own special time.

      I do hope you and Jom had a great Christmas celebration too! Miss seeing you guys already.

  3. Hon, truly appreciate your always taking the time and effort to be able to creatively celebrate special occasions like this. I pray that our children hold these moments dear to their hearts and minds always. Labyu, “resident Father Christmas”! Mwah! 😀

    • Naku, this wouldn’t be possible had you not supported me too. Alam mo na man how well we work as a team – I think of the the idea and you fine polish everything.

      I seriously hope that our kids (even Marga) will remember happy moments like this – if not, hopefully our blogs will help them remember it…hehehe!

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