Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 21, 2009

Keeping the Faith

I know I should be updating about our trip again. But, somehow, doing that has started to take a toll on me (not to mention the fact that I was unable to upload our photos of Crete in Flickr last night). 

Anyway,  I guess now is the best time to greet all of you an advance Merry Christmas. My wife creatively made our family greeting card and posted it on her website.  You can click on this link (Happy Holidays!) to check it out.

Three more days before the eve of Christmas and I am left wondering whether good old Saint Nick will visit us again this year.  Ever since we left the Philippines in 2006, it has always been a challenge for the old man to drop by our place and leave his much-anticipated presents.  Obviously, this year again is no different.

Anyway, I believe in St. Nick and I know he will come up with something special again this year. 

Keep the faith, kiddos!




  1. I’m sure he’ll think of something… he has never let us down before! 😀

    • You’re right! Thanks for believing.

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