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Rhodes Town

I realize that I have been posting so much about our recent travels to Greece that I am unable to document any more all the other things that we have done since then.  Anyway, clearly there is a bottleneck at my end but I do hope to ease in this in the coming weeks.  However, in case you are pretending to be eagerly interested to know what we have been doing lately, just feel free to check on my Twitter updates on the right column side of this blog – yes, I’m on Twitter people.

Next on my agenda is the beautiful city of Rhodes Town.

I guess the best way to start this is by saying that the city of Rhodes used to be the location of the Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Unfortunately, this monument has been long gone (due to an earthquake in 282 BC) and the metal scraps from which were sold to merchants only eight centuries after it was destroyed. Nowadays, this place is more popularly known to tourist for having one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, hence, its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

Truth be told, I was not really paying much attention to our tour guide when we went into the Old Town.  I guess my attention was generally taken aback by the extent of which this place was so preserved (and also by the weight of my daughter, Marga, who forced me to carry her most of the time we were going around). Seriously speaking, though, our own Intramuros does not even come close to this place!

Anyway, I will do my best to explain what these photos are all about (Wiki, don’t fail me now) but I do hope you pardon me if I end up leaving blanks in some of them (hehehe!).

The place (all 8 square miles of it) was generally covered with cobble stone streets, which made it practically difficult for unfit people (like us) to walk on.  Thankfully, they had well paved pedestrian walkways like the one above.

By the way, this is the Avenue of the Knights where real men in shinning armour from countries like England, France and Spain walked many, many years ago.

We met a few of them – two in fact.  Do you notice the one guarding the castle?  (I bet you thought I was referring to my two boys, right?)

Where there are Knights, there must be a castle nearby – this one was behind us.  By the way, do you notice how I was carrying Marga around? See, I really have a reason not to listen to the tour guide.

What is interesting about this place is that all the Knights had a designated area to reside in.  The French stayed in the living quarters assigned for the French, while the Spaniards also had their own thing (you know what I mean). 

Since most of the buildings looked alike, they used to mark their quarters with an emblem/coat-of-arms like these ones.  Nowadays, these living quarters have been mostly converted into foreign consulates.

Contrary to popular belief, Knights (and their maidens) love to shop too (well, okay, I mean the modern ones, like us).  The streets of Rhodes was full of good bargain shops like these – prices too were definitely cheaper compared to Mykonos!

My mom was hoping to see her Knight in shinning armour gallop on his horse across this moat.  Unfortunately, he never came so she just contented herself by taking this photo.

These are two of my favorite photographs from our trip to Rhodes (both taken by my wife, Pinky).  I just love how she captured it.

This looks like the ruins of an old church… I’m guessing now…hehehe!


As like most places in Europe, fountains and water outlets like these abound – and we are not to complain since it gives the perfect back drop for a photo opportunity.

It was a long day for all of us and these faces just prove it.  Rafael was thirsty, Luigi had aching feet and Marga was, well, just plain grumpy.

We were all relieved to just see the ship again –  not complaining, though, since we all had a great time.

Rhodes Town,  we hope to see you again one day.  But for now we have to move on look for legendary Minotaur Maze.  Until then.





















  1. Neat photo-documentary, Hon! 🙂 Am sure we will all look back to these photos with fondness, thanks to you! Mwah! 😀

  2. Thanks, Sweetie. I wonder, though, if other people too are reading this. It looks like its just you and me against the world…hehehe!

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