Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 9, 2009


The next island we visited during our cruise was Patmos, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea.  Unlike our previous destinations, however, this island was, admittedly, a bit disappointing for me not because it lacked any historical importance but mainly because the other places we have seen before this were just so beautiful to say the least.

Arguably the highlight of this place is to enjoy the panoramic view of the skala (port) from its acropolis (highest peak), which was truly amazing if not breathtaking. 

Aside from this, the island is also known as the place where St John supposedly wrote the Book of Revelation.  In fact, the cave in which people believe he wrote this is still there and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site together with the Monastery of John the Theologian (obviously named after you know who).

Photography is not allowed inside the Cave of the Apocalypse.  However, even if they did allow it, I’m sure we could not have taken much given the place was so crowded and small.  Instead, we had to content ourselves with this mosaic art, which was taken near the entrance of the cave.


We then proceeded to the islands acropolis where the monastery was located.  On the way, we saw the ruins of these windmills…

… and many small shops selling trinkets and what nots like these.

The bells of the monastery tower above everything else and are heard throughout the island whenever it is rang on very special occasions.

This is the inner courtyard of the monastery, where a lot of people fall in line to go inside the chapel.

Sadly, the walls and ceiling of the chapel, which are adorned with precious artworks like this, are slowly being destroyed by the smoke coming from candles, humidity and even flash photography.  Fortunately, efforts to restore these are currently being undertaken by the city. 

Our stay in Patmos was brief but we saw all that we needed to see. 

For now, we bid you guys a brief farewell as we travel to our next destination, Rhodes Town.  Until then.






  1. I agree – Patmos just pales in comparison with the other more atmospheric places we visited… I liked the skala view most of all though 🙂

    • Me too! Glad we took a photo of it. The view was amazing.

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