Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 2, 2009

Missing Mykonos

    Day            Port of call                 Arrival       Departure  
Mon Piraeus(Athens), Greece    11:00  
Mon Mykonos, Greece  18:00  23:00  
Tue Kusadasi, Turkey  07:00  12:00  
Tue Patmos, Greece  16:00  21:00  
Wed Rhodes, Greece  07:00  18:00  
Thu Heraklion (Crete), Greece  07:00  11:30  
Thu Santorini,Greece  16:30  21:00  
Fri Piraeus(Athens), Greece  06:00


When we decided to book our cruise, we knew that our schedule would be tight.  After all, taking optional tours to see two countries (or six different places) in only four days seemed very hectic.  Surprisingly, though, we were impressed at how well the in-house tours were organized. In fact, the ship designed the program to ensure that all passengers will be able to enjoy the various places without having to miss out on the great dining experiences on board the ship.  This was a good thing for us since it meant no extra spending required for food.

Our first stop was the island of Mykonos.

Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations of the Cyclades islands.  Although, there have been some archeological discoveries in this island dating back to as early as 3000 BC, the place is more known because of its cosmopolitan look and great night life. Of course, Pinky and I were not able to sample this while we were there but we still had an awesome time walking around the streets of Hora, its capital.

Shopping in Mykonos is terribly expensive since the locals know that people who go there are willing to spend big.  I’m sure even these imitation bags cost an arm and a leg.


Since we were not really there to shop, what caught our attention were these hanging octopus tentacles, which were ready for grilling.

The weather was a bit cold that time, though, and the kids left their jackets on the ship.  Because of this, my mom and the kids had to buy souvenir jackets, which we eventually found out cost three or four times more than the other places in the country!

The town was full of many quaint shops selling different things – from trinkets to pasta!

Before we left the ship, though, we were told by the crew to look for Little Venice, the windmills and Petros.  We, however, needed to make sure that we took photos of these beautiful white-washed houses too.

It was a long walk but we finally found what we were looking for (thankfully, a few minutes before the sun was about to set).

Little Venice was truly amazing…

… but it was these traditional Greek windmills (on top of a hill) which took my breath away.

Pinky and I just needed to get a photo to prove that we were there… damn, why did I have to tie that stupid jacket around my waist!

Even the kids wanted a shot with their Grammy.

We failed to locate Petros the Pelican, the official town mascot for the last 50 years.  But we made sure to light a candle and make a wish in the only Catholic church in Mykonos – there are only two churches in the island, by the way, the other being the Greek Orthodox Church – to ensure that this will not be the last time we visit this beautiful place.

I already miss Mykonos but I know that one day, Pinky and I will be back.  Until then.   








  1. Truth be told – I honestly enjoyed Mykonos more than Santorini… And yes, I would love to go back again someday! 🙂

    • I loved Santorini… it was just so crowded with tourist. Maybe if we were there for a few days, we would have enjoyed it more. Who knows, perhaps in a few years we can come back… super feeling talaga ako…hehehe!

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