Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 14, 2009

Athens, Greece

One of the things I like about our life here in the Mid East is the opportunity it provided for us to travel as a family.  Aside from our annual home leave to the Philippines every June to August, we are fortunate enough to be able to bring our kids to one other country every year. 

This year was extra special, though.  Aside from our vacation in the Philippines and Australia, Pinky and I were also able to bring our three children to Athens, Greece.

Planning this trip took several months to do and with many ups and downs.  As early as the first quarter of this year, we had to purchase our plane tickets and coordinate with an agent from Greece to book us on a Mediterranean Cruise.  When we got our confirmation, we applied for our Schengen visas but almost did not get it because the embassy said it was still too early to process it. Fortunately, after explaining to them our predicament that my whole family will be in Manila for the summer vacation, they decided to grant us the visas.

We thought things would flow smoothly after that but, later during the year, we also got word that our Australian immigration papers were approved and that we needed to go there before November.  This made every thing really complicated since I needed to change  my leave schedules in the office and since we really did not have enough savings for an extra trip.  Aside from those, our original return trip from Athens was also cancelled and we had to rebook our flight again!

Pinky and I, however, refused to give up on our dream to go on a Mediterranean cruise so, despite the many challenges and the major damage this vacation will do to our finances, we decided to push through with it.  And, thankfully, we did since this was definitely one of the more memorable trips we took as a family.

We have many pictures to share but I will do that in my subsequent posts.  For now, I hope you will be contented with this teaser… a photo taken from the ruins of the Theatre of Dionysius in the Acropolis of Athens. Until next time.









  1. Uy, no thanks for doing a “Deo Macalma” on us – waaahhh!!! 😦 Kabitin ka ha!

    Anyway, I agree with you – our trip to Greece is one of the more memorable ones yet 🙂 We are really blessed to be able to visit all these wonderful places with our whole family. God is good!

    • Hon, alam mo naman how I have to get you hooked on my blog… kaya I did a Deo thingie… baka kasi magsawa ka going back… hehehe!

      God’s blessings are truly abundant. His generosity really can not be out done.

  2. i’m inggit! i’ve always wanted to go to greece! 🙂 but due to more important “matters”, traveling have taken a back seat. dibale, next time!

    did you go to santorini!?

    • Hi Gracita! Oh, your blessing is far more better than ours. Di bale, I’m sure soon you’ll be able to resume your traveling.

      Yes, we did go to Santorini and sevaral other islands. They were beautiful. Naku, suddenly I feel like sharing our pictures already. Sige, I’ll do it as soon as I clear this pending item on my desk.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. ang galing naman mambitin! ive always wanted to visit greece as well, can’t wait to see more photos!

    • Hehehe… I’m just trying to pace my blogging, Abby. Baka wala na akong updates sa susunod if I finish every thing now.

  4. Wow! Hope to see Greece too. I had the chance to visit South Africa last Eid vacation. Thanks for sharing!

    • King, I saw your pictures from South Africa. So nice. I did not expect that place to be interesting. Obviously, I was wrong.

  5. […] of the most memorable vacations we’ve had as a family was in Greece back in 2009. We visited Athens and took a cruise around […]

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