Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 13, 2009

Croc Hunter

I am not really a fan of Steve Irwin (may his soul rest in peace), that is, until I recently visited his wildlife sanctuary in Beerwah, Australia.  The Australia Zoo is smaller in size compared to the huge Taronga Zoo in Sydney. However, to some people like me who often have to carry my youngest daughter around, its size makes it a very ideal place to have a great time.

One of the major attractions of this zoo is the Crocoseum, where they usually hold shows featuring trained birds, small creatures and, of course, crocodiles!  I believe this is also where they filmed several episodes of Mr Irwin’s show in the Animal Planet. 

The children and I were hoping to see Bindy and the rest of the Irwin family who apparently frequents this place. But, unfortunately, they were not there during that time.  Luckily, the place allowed us to meet other new friends, who made sure we brought home with us many fond memories of the place.

Shown below are some of the pictures we took that day.  Hope you enjoy them.

Tito Doe and Tita Carrie, our gracious hosts, driving a rented van.

Tasha and Rafael all strapped and ready to go…

… same goes for Luigi and Marga.

Luigi and Rafael pose at the main entrance.

It was a very hot day but that did not stop us from meeting (feeding) our first friend…

… Sabu, one of the three Asian Elephants in the park.  Luigi went first in feeding sliced bananas to this pachyderm.

Rafael was next – feeling a bit eekie with the wet trunk.

Marga had second thoughts about this so I had to help her out.

We decided to try the kids zoo next where the children can pet animals of their size…

… like (sleeping) Babe and the gang…

… and these cute and cuddly koalas.

The zoo also had a place where you can safely pet kangaroos, which were freely roaming around an enclosed area – how cool is that?!

We then headed to the Croc Museum where we saw ferocious animals…

… like DIAGARNA!  Nice name, huh? I wonder if she found the stone which “Ding” gave her (Diagarna and Ding, get it)?

If you think Diagarna was lame… how about this?  I heard this croc ate a boy recently…

… Oh no!  That’s my b-h-o-o-o-o-o-y!

Thankfully, the zoo attendants heard my cry and saved Rafael from that ferocious beast.  Now, Pinky and I can take pictures again… posing by the elephants’ cage…

… while Luigi and Rafael get dwarfed by the giant lion statue.

This is the closest thing to seeing the Irwins in person.

Thanks, Steve!  We promise to keep the feeling!



  1. Though I’m admittedly not an animal lover (have my hands full allready and am perfectly contented with our three “wild animals”/gremlins – hahaha!), the Australia Zoo trip did make me appreciate the diverse and unique animal life the Land Down Under has to offer.

    Thanks again to Carrie, Donnie and Tash for taking time out to bring us to Beerwah! 🙂

    • Naku, I’m sure you’ll turn into an animal lover once we finally decide to move to OZ. I guess we start at home first with our future pup!

  2. How nice! Nice looking shots with your beautiful family! May God bless ur family always!

    • Thanks so much, King.

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