Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 11, 2009

Barbie – and it’s not the doll!

I’m sorry but I have to digress and go back to posting about our recent vacation in Australia.  Yes, I know you’ve read enough about it. But, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Hehehe!  Sorry, I just felt like Rhett Butler that particular moment (no offense intended).

Anyway, Australians love  the outdoors and, whenever you get to visit the place, there is one thing you must do and that is to have an authentic Aussie Barbie!

Barbie, of course, has nothing to do with those bombastic bombshell dolls.  Instead, this is the local term for an outdoor grill or barbecue (get it, barbie?).  What makes it different, though, is that when they grill sausages, they include tons of onions, catsup and mustard and a slice of white loaf bread (instead of hot dog buns) to complete the sandwich.  Yup, I know it sounds like  any other sandwich you make at home but, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

By the way, they also grill burgers and steaks but for this occasion we opted to just stick with the yummy sausages.

Before I share to you our pictures, though, I would like to thank our hosts, Donnie, Carrie and Tasha Vergara, who provided us with good food and made this such a very memorable experience. 

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of our barbie at the Moora Park. 

Beef, pork and chicken sausages + tons of onions = great meal!

Our master griller, Donnie James Vergara (aka Tito Doe), and lovely assistant, Carrie V!

Yummy… we seriously almost ate every thing!

Introducing the Lamoneros (sans the master lamonero – aka me!)… By the way, do you notice the wedding in the background?

Pinky and Rafael, happy with their meal…

… and so was the whole gang!  This photo was taken at the boardwalk.

Tita Carrie and my little angel – I love this shot!

(future) Aussie dudes!

Rafael hoping the next Aussie Barbie comes soon!  Come to think of it, I am hoping for that too. 

Until next time.





















  1. Hope to be able to do a “repeat” of this kahit within the kingdom na muna soon… whaddyathink? 😉

    Oscar Mayer… don’t disappoint us now!!! 😆

    • Naku, that looks like a long shot now specially with the cold front coming in. I don’t mind, though, if we do it indoors? Yummy!

  2. Family and food? I love it! hehe! Nice shots kapatid!

    • Thanks, King. Halata bang matakaw ang pamilya ko?

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