Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 10, 2009

Why oh why, Sandy?

After almost four years of living here in Saudi Arabia, I finally experienced every driver’s worst nightmare.  Our car, Sandy, broke down while I was driving her in the freeway!  Fortunately, I was able to drop the children in school already and I was able to drive our car to the nearest exit where I safely parked our vehicle. 

As if this was not enough, things had to get worse.  First, I had little money in my wallet since Luigi got most of my moolah that morning to pay for something in school.  Next, I forgot to charge my mobile and I was running low in battery. This made it very difficult for me to call other people and advice my location.  Also, this added to the stress of having to explain my whereabouts to the towing service manned by a non-English speaking Pakistani!  I kept on shouting to the poor man that my battery was about to be discharged but he sounded very clueless on what I was saying.  I’m sure he did not even understand it when I explained to him where I was located. This was the moment when I prayed for patience… lots of it!

Thankfully, God listened and finally sent me my saviour. I do not know how but the Pakistani managed to locate me and that is what’s important.  I am saved.

I rode the tow truck and we headed for the service center.  A few seconds after entering the cabin and closing the door, I knew something was terribly wrong.  I smelled an extreme stench that seemed to emanate directly from the driver’s sweaty body. It was the worst kind of scent ever – no exaggeration.  I seriously felt like throwing up and the only thing that kept me from doing so was the wind coming from my open window.  I controlled my breathing so slowly to the point that I felt like fainting.  I swear,  that 45 minute drive felt like forever!

All is well that ends well and I am glad to share that our car is finally fixed.  It cost an arm and a leg to get Sandy in order but it was definitely worth every Riyal if only not to experience that gruelling ordeal ever again.  




  1. I know I shouldn’t be saying this after the “agony” you went through but… I find this totally amusing – especially the last part – hahaha!!! 😆

    In fairness, though, was really worried for you while all this was going on but as both of us now know, it seems that God was just playing a joke on us to see how we’ll handle stressful situations like these… 😉

    All’s well that ends well… Sandy’s back and more importantly – the stench is gone!

    So proud of you for winging this! Labyu!

    • No worries. I must agree with you – the whole experience was a funny joke played on us by God. I’m sure many years from now, we will remember this experience with so much laughter. Ain’t God great?!

      Anyway, for the record, the driver’s name was Khalid (just in case he stumbles upon this blog entry in the future).

  2. You seriously think the driver will appreciate him being depicted as you did him in this post? Fat chance! Hahaha! 🙄 Now you’re the one with the weird sense of humor 😉

    You may also have the language barrier(s) (you said he both wasn’t proficient in Arabic and English, right?) to contend with…

    • Hon, alam mo naman dito… impossible is nothing!

  3. God indeed grant you patience, lol! Nakiamoy ka na nga lang nagrereklamo ka pa! (Joke! hahaha!)

    • LOL, King… oo nga noh, nagreklamo pa ako when ako na nga lang yung nakiamoy!

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  5. which was more gruelling? your broken car or the offensive sweaty smell? LOL!!!

    • The sweaty smell without a doubt! Hehehe!

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