Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 5, 2009

First Day

I cannot believe how time flies so fast.  It seems just like yesterday when our daughter and youngest child, Marga, came into our lives. Her arrival was such a pleasant surprise as it came at the most unexpected time. 

Flashback… I accepted a job to work in Saudi Arabia in 2005 and Pinky and I decided to move the whole family there soon after.  In preparation for our departure, Pinky decided to visit her Ob-Gyne just to make sure that her whole system was alright.  My wife has a history of being polycystic and that made it difficult for her to conceive a child (although we already had two boys at that time).  Her doctor suggested for her to get a pregnancy test and that was when we found out that she was pregnant!  We were very excited, since we really wanted another baby, but this new development made our move to KSA a little more complicated.  Thankfully, God’s plans are always perfect and He made everything fall into place.

Fast forward to the present… Marga (who is 3 years old now) has grown up to be a very intelligent and strong-willed lady.  In order to develop her social skills, Pinky and I decided to enroll her in ISG’s Reception class (Nursery).  It was a bittersweet time for me since I was excited to see her go to school but then I also realized that my baby is now starting to be a young lady who will eventually learn that her world is not merely confined to the four corners of our house and that the company of teachers and friends is equally as enjoyable as being with her parents and siblings.   I guess learning to let go is one of the biggest challenges of any parent. 

Anyway, let me share with you some of the pictures we took during Marga’s first day at school.  I hope you enjoy these.



Marga woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

… nope, joke lang, she was very excited to go to school…


… and who wouldn’t be, especially with her new school bags…


… and yummy snacks (lovingly prepared by Mama Pinky).

All smiles from the two ladies in my life.

Marga was very excited to see her Disney pals in school…


… and this nice tree house!


Marga, starting to warm up with her classmates.

Falling in line to go into class… Marga was the smallest (and prettiest, if I may say so myself)!


Marga, still figuring out what to do with this…

… oh, that looks simple…




Chugging along to the Activity Center (Cafetria) to have a snack…

Marga enjoying her trail mix and grapes.

Sign of approval!

Time to go… see you next time!

PS: Please click on this link to read Pinky’s version of  First Day.


















  1. Loved reading your take on Marga’s first day, Hon 🙂 Do hope Marga gets to read this herself later on so she knows how much we celebrated this milestone. Love you! Mwah!

    • Thanks, Hon. I do hope nga Marga gets to read this when she grows up… para at least two people (you and her) naman ang nagbasa nitong entry na ‘to…hehehe!

  2. Nice to see those moments lalo pa sa tulad mong tatay na… Keep them loved! Happy fathering to you!

    • Salamat, King. These milestones are really the moments we live for. It’s good na nga lang we can blog about it now para may remembrance naman kahit kaunti.

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