Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 3, 2009

Beautiful Brisbane

My family and I have been fortunate to go to Australia twice in 2 years (in 2007 and 2009).  The first time we were there, we stayed mostly in Sydney, which was like any typical cosmopolitan city – full of excitement and energy (that is until 5PM only..hehehe).  This time around, we stayed in Brisbane, which, although smaller in size, also had its own distinct appeal.

Two of my favorite places in the city  are the Brisbane Treasury Casino and the Southbank, which provided a lot of good family bonding time and photo opportunities for us.

Facade of the Brisbane Treasury Casino

Pinky's balls.

Luigi and Rafael's giant Bakugan Ball.

Pinky taking a break from walking.

The Brisbane Wheel - never got to ride it!

Luigi and Pinky - alike in so many ways.

I can feel it!

Horsing around with my "skinito"

Siyempre, I need to have a "v" pose!

Me and my Princess.

Bad hair day but good picture.


The joy of fatherhood.

... and mothehood!

The walkway at the Southbank

Man-made Beach at the Southbank

Those birds were all over the place... it definitely freaked Rafa out.

Yes, people actually swim in the beach... on a weekday!

The Brisbane skyline... beautiful!



  1. Can’t help noticing the contrast between us – fully-geared for the Oz winter – vs the locals – in bathing suits and swimming in the winter – hahaha! 😆

    Love the bad hair day but good pic shot as well as the boys’ hoodie photo.

    • Oo nga… so weird. It was breezy that day. I guess we better get used to stripping our clothes if we want to adapt easily to their culture.

      Love those pics too!

  2. Me and Luigi… alike in so many ways??? Care to elaborate?

    Careful, though… you’re treading on dangerous waters!!! 😀

    • Good looking, kind, loving – need I say more?

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