Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 6, 2009

Leap on Shopping Alone

Since our regular meeting in our photography club did not push through  and since I was also scheduled to get the new registration papers of my vehicle, I decided to go shopping alone last night to buy gifts for an upcoming party.  I believe this is the first time I did it since my family went on vacation a month ago. 

I normally do not enjoy going around the malls by myself unless there is something urgent that I need to buy.  Somehow, I feel strolling in these huge places without anyone to accompany me looks so pathetic. Another thing which I hate doing (unless forced by circumstance) is to eat by myself in a restaurant.  This is particularly true here in Saudi Arabia where other men might misinterpret your being alone as somewhat looking for a “friend”.  That idea is not far fetched and has actually happened to other people I know especially since restaurants here have a special section purely for bachelors and a separate one for families.  Who would have thought that being “single and ready to mingle” would take on a different meaning here…hehehe!

Going back, I guess it must be some deep seeded insecurity which makes me feel awkward about situations like this.  However, here in Saudi Arabia, I have the perfect excuse to mask this feeling as just wanting to avoid compromising situations… hehehe! Anyway, I found out lately in one of our regular coffee sessions with friends that they also feel the same way here.  Sadly, because of what a few Pinoy men have done, a lot of locals now have a bad impression of us as always being “on the hunt for friends,” if you know what I mean.  

Anyway, sale season is starting soon and just wait and see if the lure of those big discounts (compromising situations notwithstanding) will let me turn back on my words.  Abangan. 

This is all for now.




  1. “on the hunt for friends,” or “on the hunt for a lover” to brutally unfold it. 🙂 Hays…the Thoughtskoto’s had been married for nearly 3 years now, and I’ve never been separated with them since, sometimes, I wonder how miserable my life would be if they are not around, haha.

    Have you been to GEANT? the shelves are empty?!

    • Kenj, thanks for being so blunt about it. Yes, di ba, the locals actually think that all Pinoy men are looking for a Saudi lover. I guess kasalanan na rin kasi ng ibang mga Pinoy because they allow it to happen as long as they are paid for it. Yan tuloy everyone here is assumed to be of the same preference even if not.

      I have not been to Geant in a long while. I heard their parent company is not doing well and is cash strapped because of some bad investments. We usually go to Tamimi for our groceries. Carrefour is also a good alternative.

  2. My sentiments exactly! Habang binabasa ko ang post mo, I thought I was reading my own thoughts. Hehehe.

    • Nebz, medyo iba din kasi ang thinking dito sa ating kaharian no. I guess dapat mag-ingat lang tayo. Welcome back to KSA!

  3. Uncompromising? Baka the opposite! You’ll be in a very compromising position pag may nag-stalk sa iyo – hahaha! 😆

    Anyway, I’m sure that won’t happen though as God is good and He is always looking after us and protecting us – though we may be temporarily apart as a family.

    Miss you terribly! Hope to see you very soon!

    • Hon, that is what I meant. Thanks for pointing it out. Edited it already.

      Yup, somehow in the more than 3 years that we have been living here eh we have been protected by God naman. So far so good.

      I do hope to be able to fly back as scheduled. Miss you too.

  4. funny how i had somewhat the same experience just a couple days ago. hehehe! i was at nearby cafe and somebody just sat in front of me, asking for my name and if i’d like some company. mukha ba akong naghahanap, hahaha!

    cheer up, friend…

    • Nell, ikaw naman eh magnet eh – huwag mo nang i-deny. Madami na akong nabasa sa mga blogs mo…hehehe!

      Nice to see you again.

  5. Slow ko… na-gets ko lang sa thread ng comments. Ingat ka diyan Kuya!

    What I’m really meaning to comment on are your bedsheets… Napapalitan mo ba sila? 😀 Naalala ko lang yung post mo last year nung nagbalikbayan din sila Ate Pinky… Hehehe!

    • Hey Twinkie… ka hiya naman at naalala mo pa yung mga bed sheets ko… yup, napalitan ko na siya ngayon…hehehe! Hope all is well with you, Mia and Jose. I need to visit your site soon.

  6. Hey, congrats pala. I heard from your wife’s post that you were granted an Aussie visa. Yipppey, mate! Pagpraktisan mo nang sabihin ang fookinhell. Hehehe. Wag bastos un. Iba na lang.

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