Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 5, 2009

Leap on Living Alone

*** This has been pending in my Inbox.  Forgot to post it last week. ***

It’s been almost a month since my family went home for a vacation and it has been awfully quiet in the house.  Suddenly, our three bedroom apartment, which seemed so cramped before, is now so big, spacious and empty.  I realized how much I prefer the old set up, though.  The noise, the laughter, the clutter and the fighting here and there made this home special. Hmm, I look forward to having my home back to the way it was.

The hardest challenge of living alone is not having anyone to talk to.  Nowadays, I usually come home from the office and just go straight to our room and turn on the computer and television.  It is a little weird, though, since I actually feel bored surfing the net and flicking through all the channels. Somehow, the thought of just doing these things has lost its appeal.

There are moments when I feel restless.  I want to go out but also just want to stay in the house. I want to eat but also do not feel like doing it.  I could easily just cross over to Bahrain to watch a movie and have a few drinks with friends but I can not even push myself to do that.  There are so many options but none these seem to tickle my fancy. Living alone is definitely weird.

I have started reading Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul at night and found it to be very interesting.  So far, I have only read a few (tear jerking) stories but these have inspired me to stop and think of how much I miss being with my wife.  I seriously feel I need to make up with so many things and to re-connect.

Things are getting more exciting though.  Last week, I was able to finally book a flight back to Manila (Aug 12) so my wait will soon be over.  I am so excited to plan where Pinky and I will go for our dates.  I heard so many new restuarants opened since we were last there and we plan to try a few of them. We may also take a couple of days off in Tagaytay (without our children) and going  to the spa will definitely be in our itinerary!  Woot! woot!

Anyway, this is all for now.  I hope to be able to share more exciting news soon.




  1. i may have to read back a few posts, wala na dyan sila Pinky and kids?

    i hope all’s well, despite the distance Keith!

    • Hey Abby! Yup, Pinky and the kids are now on vacation. I’m surviving but missing them terribly.

      Hope all is well with you and your family too.

  2. Sabi na nga ba at maganda talaga yang Chicken Soup for the Soul books e… makabili pa nga ng ibang version to send to you – hehehe! 😉

    Despite all that’s been happening lately, I’m not giving up hope that we will still see each other come August… For even if we are officially here on vacation mode, I admit I still can’t fully enjoy my experiences without you around.

    Lab and misyu. 😥

    • Naku, masyadong tear-jerking naman ang mga stories doon. Parang hindi ko na nga matapos eh.

      The first story of the book, though, is about the Rosendahls (not sure if that is correct), who fabricated their own love story as featured before in Oprah.

      Tuloy pa rin ang pagdadasal. I can feel it coming soon… naks!

  3. sarap naman nyo! bakasyon kayo…..naku! mukhang masusundan si marga…hehehe

    • Aireen, naku, ilang linggo pa ang hihintayin ko bago makabakasyon. Di bale, kaunting tiis na lang. Miracle kapag na sundan pa si Marga…hehehe!

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