Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 20, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Galore, Part 3

Wait. Why are you complaining?  Didn’t I mention in Part 1 of this blog series that Marga and I had three different celebrations.  Are you tired of seeing more pictures of us 😦 … Promise, this is the last of my birthday entries. If it is any consolation, though, you will definitely see my chunkyhunky body here – so that should be a reward in itself, right?  Only my wife, Pinky, and my children are privelege to see that on a daily basis…hehehe!

Anyway, as I said earlier, this is the last of the three birthday events that Marga and I had, which we celebrated at the Baher Beach Resort in Half Moon Bay with another set of friends.

Pinky and I had been planning this for weeks before we eventually decided last minute to rent a villa (cost split with our friends) since there was supposedly a heat wave warning that weekend.  Although we really did not notice the heat when we stayed outdoors during our last visit to the resort earlier in May, we did not want to take any chances this time since we invited a few toddlers in our group. Fortunately, our decision to rent a villa turned out good because that allowed us access to the resort, which was apparently closed to the public that day because of a company sponsored event later in that afternoon.

Anyway,  as was the case before, I will just let these pictures speak for itself.  By the way, thanks again to our dear friend, Ann Salazar, who provided the catering for this event. Unfortunately, I was unable to take good pictures of our lunch spread since every one was dying to eat already. Grrr!

Marga, still having second thoughts on whether she wanted to take a dip on the beach.  In my opinion, the water was perfect!

Not yet burned… just under exposed photgraphs.

Marga and Bea enjoying the shore.

Let’s move to the pool – yeheeeeey!

Rinel: Babe, you want me to put some sun block on you?  Ge: Hehehe…patawa ka…gusto mo lang manantsing!

Mommy Judith and Bea (By the way, Judith was the one who baked Marga’s Little Mermaid cake).

My cousin, Ge, and Marga

Paolo and my godson, Miggy.

Brotherly love.

Mi familia!

The Bachelors: (L-R) Vic Martinez, Raymund, Ato, Ton and Vic Deala.

The Bachelorettes: Seth and Judith

Hunks: Rinel and Ira

Seth, Paolo and Miggy who is so tired.

Vic, Judith and Bea, who is also so tired.

Marga and I. Marga was really, really tired.  She fell asleep shortly after this shot was taken.

Our other guests… hehehe, asa pa!













  1. Ikaw naman… panay teaser lang ang pinakita mo sa iyong bodacious bod – hahaha! 😆 Am sure nabitin tuloy ang iyong mga readers… :mrgreen:

    • Siyempre naman… ano ako for public consumption…hehehe! Sinabi ko lang yon para basahin yung entry ko.

      Mukhang walang naloko… ikaw lang ang nag comment eh!

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