Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 18, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Galore, Part 2

As if you haven’t noticed that I have been posting very often the past few days.  Yes, even if you hate to admit it, I know it makes you happy.  You miss me… I know you do.

Anyway, to continue with my mission to spread happiness to all you people out there (feeling!), I am giving you another picture heavy post of our joint birthday celebration party with our Desert Fox Shooters (DFS) family.  This was held during one of our weekly sessions in the International Philippines School in Al Khobar.

I will try to keep the text very brief so you can enjoy the pictures more (uuuy, may excuse pa for not wanting to type).  I just have to mention, though, that we owe this great party to all our friends in DFS, especially to Joel and Ann and to Romy and Cel, who unselfishly gave up so much of their time and resources to make this event a truly memorable one for both Marga and I. 

I never expected to be able to let Marga experience a party of this type ever since we moved to the KSA.  Fortunately, God has led us to people who are kind enough to treat us like their own extended family. I hate to be mushy but I just have to say again how much we deeply appreciate all the time, effort and personal resources that you have spent for us.  We hope to be able to do the same for you in the future.

By the way, I also need to give credit to our friends Vic and Judith Deala, who lovingly prepared and gave the too-good-to-eat Little Mermaid Cake as a gift to Marga, and all our other friends in the group, who allowed us to grab their pictures of the event.  I honestly do not remember anymore who took these specific photographs (halatang we got it from so many people) so I hope you do forgive me for not mentioning your names anymore.  In any case, our gratitude to all of you remains the same.

Romy and Cel setting up the place.  They both surprised us with this very beautiful and artistic home made (Under the Sea themed) streamer carved out of styrofoam.  They also lent the pink table covers, the mathcing green tool (is that what you call that thing they are putting near the sign), the pabitin and the party balloons!   

Little Mermaid butter cake made by our very good friend, Judith.

Party favors specially prepared for Marga by Pinky, Luigi and Rafael… Little Mermaid for the girls and Finding Nemo for the boys.

Some of the pretty jewels you will find inside the loot bags…

… and here are some more (the boys, of course, get something else!).

Twirly ribbons and Ariel adorn the pabitin goodie bags…

… which made the children go wild…

… no… I meant really wild!

Of course, how can I foget the candle blowing…

… and the icing spreading…

… and the loot bag giving…

… which made all the kids smile!

Thanks to all of you who made this night very special!



  1. You bet we all miss you… especially me! 😀 Glad to see you’re so back in the blogging groove…buti ka pa… at least one of us is updating our blogs…hehehe!

    God has been truly good to us for hooking us up with all the fab people in the kingdom – allowing us to experience again “family” gatherings like these even when we are so far away from home. 🙂

    Take care… love and miss you – a lot! Sana August na…

    • Hon, you said it. God really works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that he would use the Internet for us to be able to expand our network – not only in the Kingdom but even in other countries.

      I’m really happy that Marga was able to have a real party of her own. Hopefully, she will remember this.

      Miss you too!

  2. Finally! I’ve been waiting for blog entries about Marga’s birthday. Ang saya-saya ng birthday party ni Marga! Isn’t God good?! Sarap ng maraming friends, ‘no? 😀 Sa next birthday ni Abby, puro Pinoy na rin ang guests. Hee hee!

    • Weng, sige ha, abangan mo at may isa pa akong birthday post. Pinky will post more pictures in our Multiply website too.

      Naku, at least kayo, even if hindi maraming Pinoy eh you are still able to give Abby parties that she will remember. In our case, if we did not meet this group, eh most likely she will end up having her birthday in the house with just us (and may be a few adult friends)… ayaw ko naman mag imbita ng mga Arab friends since hindi uso sa kanila ang mga birthday celebrations.

  3. wow, that’s very nice!! 🙂 at least marga still had a party…and i’m sure she’ll already remember this one. i like the pabitins, very old school. 🙂

    • I know. I do hope she does not forget but if ever she does, we have this blog to remind her… hehehe!

      Yeah, the pabitin was cool. It is good our friend had the frame and we just added the little gifts. Who would ever think that we would have a party with pabitins here in KSA! Marga, has to get used to these types of parties… she was kinda lost with the pabitin… did not know yet what to do with it…hehehe!

  4. Marga, pengeng party favorsssssss!!Ang saya-saya ng party mo, wow!!
    Tama si Weng, ang sarap ng maraming kaibigan…maraming katuwang sa hirap at saya 🙂

    Pinky, hallush hallush…I hope you and the kids are having fun sa Inang Bayan!!

    • Naku, Tita Thess mahirap ata yang request mo…hehehe!

      Tama talaga yung sinabi ninyo.Importante talaga ang isang magandang support group whenever you are out of your country. Mabuti rin kapag Pinoy group at least hindi ka mahihirapan mag-English the whole time…hehehe!

      The whole family is having a blast… ayaw na nga akong kausapin sa phone eh.

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