Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 17, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Galore

When I was younger, I used to feel sorry for myself since I was born in May (while my two other siblings were born in January).  I always perceived their joint birthday parties to be twice as fun rather than when I had my single celebration.  Weird – I know.  I guess it must be the middle child syndrome in me or, worse, some deep seeded sibling rivalry going on somewhere there.

Anyway, I finally have someone to share my birthday celebrations with.  Although we were technically not born on the same month, we usually have joint celebrations since our birthdays are only ten days apart.

I must say that having a co-celebrant is really a blast.  Parties are usally more grand and can even last several days, as in our case now.  Marga (born on June 3) and I had several parties – three in fact!  The first was with our friends in Dessert Fox Shooters (DFS), the second one was with our friends in the Bank and KSA and the last was a simple dinner with my family.

The pictures below are from our family dinner in the newly renovated Golden Dragon Restaurant of the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dammam.  I will share with you the pictures from our other celebrations in a different blog entry.

Hope you enjoy these!

Before we left for the hotel, we had to blow Marga’s Little Mermaid inspired homemade cake lovingly prepared by Pinky.

Close your eyes and make a wish (Marga pretending to know what to do – hehehe!)

Take a deep breath…

… and blow! (Ooops! mukhang you need to try again anak)

Marga + Pinky (aka Henny Sison apprentice)

The celebrants… do we look alike?  Hmm, careful, birthday post ko to!

Pinky and the kids…


 … and now it is my turn with them.

Our binatilyos… with a lovingly yours rose on the foreground.

All grown up… hindi na conscious with the camera… uuuy!

Waiting-to-be ‘Tween, Rafael.  Doesn’t he look like the little boy from Meet the Robinsons?

Our Princess… now, I have to refresh myself with our previous DFS lessons on how to remove the red-eye using Photoshop.

Our Richard-KC pose.  Pwede na ba?

Happy Birthday!






  1. This is a very lovely comeback entry! Happy birthday sa inyo ni Marga. Nakakamiss ang funny hirits mo doubled as photo caps. Napakaganda ng inyong pamilya at siyempre ang aking paboritong si Marga. Bukas makalawa 18th birthday na niya ang masisilayan namin. Kay bilis ng panahon!

    Ang Mama ko naman ay June 5 ang birthday, lagi nabibiro dahil ang May or June ay tuition fee months kaya simple lang palagi ang handaan niya. 🙂 ANd talk about joint celebrations, sinwerte ako na forever may kasabay mag-birthday sa katauhan ni Ate Twinkle. Hehehe! Kaya I know what you mean Kuya. *wink*

    • Twinkie, ang hirap mawala out of circulation. Biglang kailangan bumawi pagbalik..hehehe!

      Huwag mo namang madaliin… hindi pa pwede si Mia and Marga mag 18! Baka mapaiyak tayo niyan. Kailangan forever babies natin sila.

      Actually, if you think about it, iba na ang meaning ng mga birthday celebrations kapag adults na no. Gastos…hehehe! You are lucky to be celebrating with your twin sister!

  2. happy birthday, marga and keith! i love your richard-kc pose, haha! winner! 😀

    may you have many many more birthdays to celebrate together. *hugs*

    • Thanks, Meeya. Kamukha naman namin ni Pinky di ba? Sige na nga, mas guwapo at maganda na nga kami… you know that is what you wanted to say, right?!

  3. look at those lovely and handsome kids! wah! are they all born in the kingdom like our small tot as well?

    I saw Pinky now, and hope to meet her as well as the kids when we got the chance to have a Bloggers EB again.

    By the way, I’d like you to join PEBA by posting an entry relevant to the theme: Filipino’s Abroad: Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World.

    For more info, visit the homesite:

    • Kenj, our kids were all born in Manila but mostly grew up here (especially Marga). It would be nice to have another EB. I’ll make sure to bring Pinky and the kids along next time.

      Naku, super heavy topic naman yan Kenj… hindi mo ba napansin na puro kababawan lang ang blog entries ko… mukhang if I represent the Pinoys abroad eh wala ng hope for our nation!

  4. Teka…ba’t wala kang pictures of your own birthday cake blowing? Too shy? Hehehe…

    Richard and KC? Sige na nga… twenty years after siguro – hahaha!


    • Hon, sa tanda ko na eh hindi na uso ang birthday blowing sa akin. Bakit, hinid ba natin sila kamukha?


  5. Happy Birthday again, Keith! And happy birthday to our inaanak, Marga! 😀 May you have many many more double celebrations to come and may God continue showering you with blessings. 🙂

    Uy, Heny Sison apprentice ba kamo? I’ll be looking forward to Pinky’s creations! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Weng.

      Naku, I should have named you instead of Heny Sison… hindi na ata siya ang uso ngayon… ikaw and new rising star! hehehe!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Marga!! Keith, basta binati na kita sa FB he he (^0^)

    nasa Pinas na ba silang 4?

    • Hi Thess! Yup, nasa Inang Bayan na sila…matagal-tagal rin sila doon. Hope all is well with you.

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