Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 16, 2009

Let There Be Light!

One of the fluorescent light fixtures in our house got busted. I asked an electrician to look at it and he said that I needed to replace the ballast. Since I recognize my limitation when it comes to repairing things like that, I wanted him to fix it right then and there. Unfortunately, it was prayer time and he could not buy the required part since all the shops were closed. Grrr! To make a long story short, the electrician left and that light fixture has been out of service for many months now.

Pinky has been reminding me time and again to have that light fixed. However, I often shrugged it aside because I did not want to pay extra to fix just one small problem. Anyway, I realized that I have ignored this problem for far too long now and, fearing how Pinky would react when she comes back and sees the same dark hallway, decided that last night was the time to fix it. I was in the zone!

Using my newly bought 16 piece house tool set and a six feet ladder, I wobbled up the steps – each time regretting my decision. Shieeets, I thought, why don’t I just pay someone to do this?! My stinginess got the best of me.

Balancing on top of the ladder, pulling out wires and unscrewing those things made me really feel so frustrated (and sweaty). It was hard stuff, you know. I seriously cursed Handy Manny (from the Disney Channel) since he made me believe in myself. It seriously looked so easy when he did it with his trusted tools – why can’t I do it?!

After losing what seemed like 10 liters of sweat, I finally managed to connect properly all the colored wires. Red goes with red while blue with blue. I turned the light switch on and, shieeets!, still no light. Die Manny, die!

I had to go up the ladder again and check what went wrong. There was a loose wiring, which I was so sure caused all my misery. To make sure I covered all the bases, though, I decided to switch my light bulbs with the other working fixtures just in case that was the problem. Finally, everything was okay.

Click, the switch was on and there was light! Hooray!

I noticed something different, though. The fluorescent bulb was not lighting properly. In fact, it flickered and looked like it was about to die out on me again. Noooo!

Since the bulbs lighted, I concluded that there must be something else causing the problem. Did I found out what it was? No! I came so close to fixing it but I was so tired that I ended giving up. Now, it has to wait again until the next time I get in the zone, which maybe never.

Anyway, I promise next time I will fix that. One day, I know there will be light again!




  1. Hi keith, musta na? lam mo habang binabasa ko ‘tong post me eh di ko naiwasang matawa at ma-imagine ang hitsura mo habang nagkukumpuni ka. lols! naalala ko tuloy ang ilang beses ko ng nakuryente (buti na lang buhay pa’ko) habang inaayos ang ilang switch sa aming tahanan. still, i keep on doing these things para-makasave. hahaha. in fairness, successful nman at laging ng may light!

    have a nice day!

    • Jong, baka alam mo naman kung bakit ayawumilaw yung bumbilya namin. Weird talaga. Ang hirap ayusin tapos ganoon lang.

      Actually, super takot akong makuryente so I usually avoid doing electrical stuff. Buti nga at buhay ka pa ngayon – kahit madaming beses ka ng nakukuryente.

  2. funny ka talaga keith! 😀 kaya hindi nag-work ang manny power mo kasi your tools aren’t alive! pero that would be pretty scary, though, kapag biglang nagsalita ang iyong screwdriver, hehe!

    anyway, pwede bang half-congratulations? 😀 at least you made an effort and at least alam mo na ngayon na you weren’t cut out to be a handyman, hehe!

    • Meeya, I knew I bought the wrong tools.For some reason, naubos na ata yung mga talking tools doon sa store.

      I was seriously excited to work on that and blogan accomplishment(even though I knew I did not have the skills) but I ended up not finishing it -grrr. I saw the electrician in our office this monring and asked about it. He was not sure too what was causing that. He said it may be the lightbulbs but I know it is not since I exchanged them with the working ones. Hay! I hope they have a solution in theInternet. Research,research.

  3. haha, natawa ako sa inyo, how funny we do things here in the Kingdom. I have the same problem in our house and since being a chemist is very far from being an electrician or mechanic, and Mrs. Thoughtskoto will try to make fun saying that our house is full of masking tape – haha,

    • Hay, I really wish I eventually become a handy man one day. It would be really fulfilling if you could do all the repairs by yourself. Hay! Masking tape… hmmm, I should try that out next time.

  4. Agree with Meeya… half-congratulations are in order – hahaha! As Bubbles (of Little Britain fame) would say… “Champagne, champagne for everyone, dahlings!” :mrgreen:

    After let there be light, sana let there be aircon naman… (and let there be no leaking faucets… and let there be dry-cleaned winter clothes, etc…etc…). I know you get the picture – bwahahaha! 😉

    • Sige na nga since hindi ko pa naman officially naayos. I hope Bubbles does not strip down at baka wala na talaga akong maaayos – sa diri!

      I also attempted to change the switch of the AC but it looked like the wiring burned. I have decided to get an electrician to do that (and the other things) since I might end up burning our flat… medyo mahirap na.

      Sige po, the list is starting to get shorter na.

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