Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 14, 2009

Jeddah is Different!

Last month, we had an impromptu vacation in Jeddah. My boss decided to hold a team building activity in the Silver Sands Resort which, in my opinion, is one of the best looking beaches in the Kingdom (if only for the very liberated atmosphere).

Jeddah is one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom.  It boasts of the slogan “Jeddah is different” and it becomes very apparent why once you arrive in this bustling metropolis.

Considering the number of people who go to this city, mostly en route to the two Holy Cities of Mekkah and Medina, the airport is old, if not run down.  Having been to this place twice before, this did not come as a major disappointment to me anymore. To be honest, except for the Batha Historical District, I never really found Jeddah to be interesting during my past visits probably because of the chaos and traffic.  

Using a rented vehicle, our family drove around most parts of the city from its long corniche to the very modern malls (i.e. Red Sea Mall and Mall of Arabia). Pinky and I immediately noticed the more liberated atmosphere of this place.  Women still needed to wear the abayah, but it seemed they allowed men and women to freely interact with each other even in public.  Hmmm, Jeddah is indeed different.  Because of this, it did not take long before I finally appreciated the unique charm of this place. 

Anyway, I hope these pictures are enough to convince you guys how much fun we had in Jeddah. I will surely miss the beach, the malls, the more liberated people and our dear Pinoy friends who made our stay in Jeddah a very memorable one.


Welcome dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.

Patrick + Peanut + Butter

John + Menchu

Titillating Ton

Reunited… ex-HSBCers (L-R: Pinky, Keith + Marga, Patrick and Louie)

At the hotel lobby….

… preparing to go to the Silver Sands Resort.

Baywatch – Jeddah!

Notice how Luigi and Rafael are the only kids wearing goggles and rash guards – feeling!

Keith: “Let’s see what happens if I bring you to the deep part.”

Marga contented with just watering the sand…

… until she saw the jellyfish we caught (huy, not my belly!)…  that tan looking guy is my boss (nakakahiya how I look beside him noh?)

Marga trying to hit Tito Archie in the head.  Tita Rhea and daughter not even suspecting what is happening behind them.

Queen Patricia and her court – (L-R) Nihal, 90, Reem, Menchu and Alia. Please tell me now who is more conservative – the Pinays or the Arabs.  Now, do you believe me – Jeddah is different!









  1. liberated sa beach as in… boldy? hmm, kaya siguro kayo nag-enjoy sa beach no? 😀

    thanks for sharing the pics. as usual, super cutie pie ni beach babe marga. 😀

    • Meeya, kinda… yah! Alam mo naman dito when all the women are required to wear the Abayah, seeing scantilly clad women on the beach is a shocker. Even Pinky was shocked.

      I was looking for a beach abayah for Marga – kasi puro bad influence yung mga babae doon sa Jeddah – hehehe!

  2. Yup, the 3-hour flight delay and toenail-ripping incidents notwithstanding, I still managed to enjoy our Jeddah trip. 🙂

    • Yeah, I forgot to mentin that – how can I forget?!

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