Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 12, 2009

His Humor is Funny

It is around 7 in the morning and I am sweating terribly in front of my computer.  The aircon in our room is busted and I only have a ceiling fan to cool me down in this sweltering desert heat.  That is okay, though – I guess this is one way of God saying that I have to lose some weight. His humor is funny.

I find it hard to laugh, though, at another joke. The house is quiet, the rooms are empty and everyone I love has (temporarily) left me.  I am alone.  Not a funny joke but a bitter reality that I have to face within the next two months. 

It is not easy but I suppose I derive comfort from the fact that while I am all by my lonesome, I know that am not alone as this is a common situation which a lot of Filipinos living abroad have to deal with every day- whether here in the Mid East or elsewhere. Misery loves company?  Not really.  I reckon it is more me being inspired at how other people manage to triumph gracefully over the personal challenges that are forced upon them. I have done this before and I managed to survive. I can do this!

Thankfully, this arrangement is not permanent and that I have a good number of friends (and this blog) to support and keep me company.  So, even though I know some of you hate it, expect to see more of me in the coming days and weeks. 

Tell me now if you find His humor funny – I am back – whether you like it or not!  




  1. Natawa ako kagabi sa mga pakwela mo, natawa ako ngayon sa post mo.

    Welcome back Keith and hope to hear from you soon! ill post the photos bukas re our EB.


    • Kenje, it was nice meeting all of you. I had fun too. Ang sarap to finally know more bloggers from the KSA. I hope our EB last night is not the last.

  2. Welcome back, Keith! 😀

    • Thanks so much, Weng!

  3. whether we like it or not you’re back! hehehe.

    Welcome back keith and welcome ka rin dito pag kailangan mo ng kausap.

    • Ann, maraming salamat sa inyo. Naku, baka pagsisihan mo ang iyong imbitasyon – may panahon ka pang bawiin yon…hehehe!

  4. Nice home you have here.

    You’ve survived being alone before, you’ll survive this one once more. OFW e. Matiyaga.

    Tsaka you should take this as an opportunity to rediscover the ‘writing Keith’ so you can once again update your blog everyday.

    Patuloy kitang babalikan. Bwahahah!

    (Nice meeting you last Webes).

    • Nebz, welcome and thanks for your kind words.

      Oo nga, I think tayong mga OFW eh mayroon kakaibang katangian. We manage to survive difficult situations in our lives. I guess the key is really looking for a good support group whether through blogging or somewhere else.

      Daily blogging?… hmmm…a good excuse for not cleaning the house… oops! baka mabasa ito ng asawa ko at magalit!

      Nice to finally meet you and the other KSA based bloggers.

  5. Welcome back Keith from a not so long hiatus hehe. Kaya mo yan, text ka lang kung gusto mo mag-shoot ha. Like what ann have said, you’re very much welcome dito sa amin any time any day.

    • Joel, thanks so much for the very kind offer. Baka dapat ata lumipat na ako sa bahay ninyo for the next few weeks… luto pa lang ni Ann eh solve na ako…hehehe! Sige, text-text na lang tayo.

  6. i feel your pain!!! good to see you back to your blogging duties. 🙂

    • Style ko lang yon, Rina… just in case Pinky reads this… paawa kumbaga. Nice to be back.

  7. hey, we are back! (ako rin nanahimik for a while, kaya hindi ka nag-iisa). 🙂 uy, why alone?

    anyway, nakaka-touch naman ang outpouring of support dito sa comments section mo! near or far you will always have a “support group” online, and that includes me. 🙂 tc!

    • Thanks, Meeya. Pinky and kids areon summer vacationin Manila (for close to 3 months). Like the previous years, I will join them in August. Hay, I can’t wait to be with them (and to go on vacation).

      I really appreciate all the support from my blogger friends in Kingdom and abroad.

  8. It worked… naawa talaga ako – waahhh!!! 😥

    Di bale, knowing that our God has his own unique brand of humor makes me look forward to the time when we can be physically together again and share more laughs and fun times than ever!

    So miss you and sincerely pray that you’d be here na soon. Labyu, Hon! Mwah! 😀

    • Wow, so if it worked iba sabihin kailangan mo bumawi when we meet again… hmmm, I am looking forward to that!

      I’ll be there soon!

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