Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 16, 2009


For the past few months the only common theme I have for my posts are apologies.  Since early this year, I have been delinquent in updating my sites (this and Clicking Away, which I have abandoned – temporarily).  I love blogging but things have been quite hectic in the office lately (where I usually do my updating) and something just had to give in.  Even my daily bloghopping routine had to take a back seat and I apologize for that too.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been very (pleasantly) stressful for Pinky and I.  Although I am not in total liberty to discuss this now since I might jinx it, we recently had some positive developments in our family’s future plans.  Super exciting, I must say, but our anxiety level is now at its highest.  Uuuh, so near yet so far. 

Aside from this, Pinky and I have also been planning for a major vacation this year.  We have made most of the arrangements but are still waiting for our visas to be approved. I, honestly, feel like having a heart attack now.  Arranging and applying for visas from where we live is hell since we have to coordinate with a travel agent who has difficulty speaking in English.  Just so you know, most of the embassies here in the Kingdom are located in Riyadh or in Jeddah so we have to always coordinate with a third party (agent) whenever we need to apply for a visa.  The process is very slow and frustrating to say the least.  

On a lighter note, I became a party mascot last Easter when I took on the role of the Easter Bunny.  It was so hot inside that bunny costume, I must say, that I now have greater appreciation for those people who do this for a living.  To all you parents our there, please give your children a whack in the *s* whenever they hit those poor people in mascot costumes.  It really is hard work you know. I promise to post some pictures once I get them from our friends in Desert Fox Shooters.

Anyway, this is all for now.  Until my next update….in the year 2010… mwahahahaha!

PS: Here are some photos taken by our cyber pal, Ann Salazar, from our Easter gathering:

Cute little bunnies… KC and Marga.

Marga (terrified) receives a small present from the Easter Bunny.

Pretty Easter Eggs (and chicks).

These eggs look different… Justin, Joshua, Luigi and Rafael cheated by combining the eggs they found to win the contest. Tsk! tsk!

Literally, one hot bunny!



  1. At long last – a post! 😀

    Yes, things have been quite “stressful” lately but I guess some “spice” is needed for us to more fully appreciate what we have and what we hope to have, right?

    Praying that all our plans materialize soon. Labyu! Mwah!

  2. sounds like you had a “hoppy” easter, after all. 🙂

    yup, let’s pray that all OUR plans would materialize soon. i second the motion…won’t discuss any further lest we jinx it.

    keep me posted! 🙂

  3. Hi Keith! The kids & all DFS extend our warmest thanks for being “game” in playing part as Roger este the easter bunny pala during our BS. The kids enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks a lot.

    Godluck & we will pray for your plans. keep us posted 😉

  4. Hi Keith! The kids & all DFS extend our warmest thanks for being “game” in playing part as Roger este the easter bunny pala during our BS. The kids enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks a lot.

    Goodluck & we will pray for your plans. keep us posted 😉

  5. same here. I always feel giving up pero you know me, I have to be always on my toes lest my readers would kill me.

    Anyhow, I am happy that you and your family’s plan is going smooth. You will always be blessed Keith. Good people harvest goodies from God.

    Oy wag naman 2010 haha

  6. hello, I added this blog in the Kablogs List, a Filipino Blogs Abroad Aggregating site under Saudi Arabia region. like you, we are also in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, specifically Alkhobar.

    here’s the link of the Kablogs

  7. hindi ka nag-iisa keith. the updates on my blogs are so sporadic and i think i’ve lost my (three) readers because of my lack of motivation to update. partida, ikaw busy with work while ako…. i don’t know what else i am busy with, haha!

    anyway, whatever it is that pinky is undergoing, i know she’ll overcome it (with you by her side, of course). tc!

  8. Hehehe! Kakaexcite naman yang “spice” na yan. All the best ha!

    Uhm… alam mo kuya nakapagsuot na rin ako ng mascot. Si Chummy Bear ng Cinderella. Ang laki nun at 12 years old lang ako nuon! Haha! For the love of my cousins kasi ‘di dumating yung inaasahang mag-suot. E ako na pinaka may height. Kaya I know what you mean…

    Kuya, again, I have something for you here:

  9. parang bad month yata for bloggers ang April ah. I felt the same way the whole month. Just this week lang ako nakabawi.

    we’ll wait. patiently. wag mapressured!

    God bless!

  10. Peeps, thanks so much for all your support (and for still dropping by my site despite the sporadic posts.

    Hope to be able to go around and visit your sites soon.

    Joel, it was my pleasure to be the Easter Bunny. I had fun!

  11. […] case you want to know how we celebrated our previous Easter, you can click this and this. Also, you may want to look at this for a creative way of reinventing those eggs after […]

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