Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 6, 2009

American Idol

I’m sooo happy.  Finally, after three years of watching the super delayed telecast of one of my favorite shows, we can now enjoy watching American Idol together with the rest of the world. Yes,  Season 8 is being shown every Thursdays and Fridays here in the Kingdom in one of the Dubai based channels.  Love you MBC!

Of all the reality based television shows in the tube now, this is one of my favorite shows (oops! It is the second time I said that, just to stress how much I enjoy watching this show).  In fact, Pinky has often asked me if I have a secret desire to join a show like that.  My reply “The! Duh!” – frustrated singer/performer ba ako?!  Wait, I am not the only addict in the family. Even Luigi and Rafael are so into it too that they often search the Internet for any AI related news. Fanatics! 

Tonight they announce the last batch of this Season’s Top 12.  We are super excited to know who is in and who is out. It was unfortunate, though, that we missed seeing the individual performances last night since we attended a party.  Anyway, no regrets – the shindig we went to was also equally, if not more entertaning than AI itself (thanks to blog bud KD *wink*).

I am sure we are not the only fanatics here.  Please do leave your comments as I am interested to find out whether who can correctly guess this year’s winner.  My bet?  Hmmm, you go first.




  1. im guessing among kris allen, megan joy corkey, alexis grace, allison iraheta…

    Hey Ronnie… so nice to hear form you again. Tagal na rin akong hindi nakaka-ikot.

    I like the others you mentioned but will pass on Kris. I don’t think he has the voice to win this competition.

  2. “Sooo happy” is such an understatement, if I may say so 😉 I like Jasmine, Danny Gokey, Megan and yes, I’m super glad that Tatiana is OUT – woohoo!!!

    Hindi nga…are you brave enough now to admit your AI dreams? Yihee! Aminin!!! 😆

    It’s the top 13 na, Hon. Officially no gimmick na tayo on Thursday and Friday nights… hehehe! Mukhang the Sy family is going the same direction with our votes ha.

    I stand firm… hindi ko aaminin!

  3. its lambert for me. 🙂 and iraheta and rounds will probably give him a run for his money. unless somebody suddenly shines during the top 12 performances. 🙂

    buti naman and i won’t have to wait three years before we can finally discuss AI no? haha!

    Meeya, lambert is the rocker, right? He sings well but am not so fond of him. He comes across as a theater person to me (rather than a real rocker). Iraheta and Rounds… yup, I think they will go far.

    Excited ako… at least makaka-relate na ako… grabe ka late ang telecast namin dati di ba?!

  4. uy, pasensya na’t bihira nang makabloghop. napapababad na rin ako ng husto sa FB.ü

    I’m an AI fan myself and yup, sa imagination ko lagi, contestant din ako! in fact, may audition song na nga ako eh.ü I’m betting na kayo nina Luigi at Rafael, meron na rin. sige na, wag nang mahiya!

    Bro Utoy, masama ang FB… kahit ako eh madalas sumisilip doon. Hindi na rin ako masyadong naka-ikot sa website and update ng blogs ko.

    Buti napapanood mo ang AI diyan sa France. Hindi ba medyo may pagka tawag ng taghalan kasi ang dating nito… with text voting nga lang. I guess most Pinoys have dreams of singing well… nasa genes ata natin yon eh… ooops! baka mabasa ni Pinky to… patay!

  5. Ooopps…. may lakad tayo ulit this Friday….hehehe.

  6. i was so depressed when tatiana got kicked out…NOTTTTT!!! 🙂 megan looks very pretty with all her tattoo, but she has this weird dance. i am rootin for danny, and anoop dogg! 🙂

  7. uy, I saw your family’s pic at a post of a another Pinay mom in Saudi. Di lang pala sa pang-American Idol, pang-Dancing with the Stars din!

    God bless!

    Ang liit ng mundo ng blogging, kapatid…. walang sekretong naitatago…. saan mo nakita Bro Utoy?

  8. yay! good for you guys!:) i am watching DWTS now, do you have it too? 2 of the TV shows i really look forward to watching hehe…

    Ces, we used to watch that too (old season nga lang). Have not seen it here recently. Mga Realtity TV suckers kami…hehehe!

  9. Oooops! Na-OP ako bigla. But I’ll catch up para “in” naman ako. 😀 So happy you’re sooo happy with MBC! (Naki-MBC na rin).

    Thanks, Twinkie… nood ka na ng AI, if you have it.

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