Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 26, 2009


One of the major things that Pinky and I have been planning to do since we moved to the KSA is renew our family’s US visas, which expired in 2007.  We have been putting this on hold since, back then, the only way for us to do that was for us to bring the whole family to Riyadh where the US Embassy was located (read: 4-5 hours away by car). Fortunately, the US Consulate near our area was opened last year and that only meant one thing – this is the time to do it!

We scheduled our appointment online for September 2008 but this was later moved to February 2009 since we made a mistake in filing our appointment (yes, the next earliest schedule was 5 months away!).  Thankfully, there was really no rush since we had no immediate plans of travelling to the US.

Now that we successfully renewed it, I just felt it was appropriate for us to give a heads up to all our relatives and friends out there (you know who you are) just in case we get a chance to travel to the US anytime within the next 10 years (pa naman).  However, if you want to see us sooner, my family we would be more than grateful to accept any financial help from all you generous souls out there.  Our requirements our simple, we only need 2 full and 3 child economy tickets from Dammam to any point in the East or West Coast (or Texas);  a place to lodge (read: the five of us can fit in one queen sized bed lang – since medyo may pagka cirkero naman kami); lots of food (kahit tira-tira lang) and some pocket money (enough to last us 3 weeks, please). 

I hope I do not sound demanding. But, if it is any consolation, whoever that generous person (or people) will be will have the chance to enjoy our presence and undivided attention (good deal, right?).

Please do not be shy – just post your pledges in my comments box.  Thanks!  Love you all (naks, do I sound desperate?!)





  1. sagot ko na namin ang queen bed at lots of food! 😛 rina can take care of everything…then again, there’s tito ning and tita agnes. 😉 we hope to see y’all soon! sayang naman ang visa kung di gagamitin. 😀

    Good enough for me, Weng… although just tell me should you eventually decide to shoulder our tickets as well. I do hope we save enough so we can bring our children to the US again… si Marga hindi pa niya nakikita kasi eh.

  2. haha, i was just about to say na puede ng sagutin ni weng ang airfare! food and lodging pala ang willing lang niyang sagutin! 🙂

    i heard nga that it’s easy to apply for a US visa here in the ME. hmmm, gusto ko rin mag-apply pero next time nalang. cannot travel! 🙂

    Gracita, di bale, dinadasal ko pa na pati airfare ay sagutin ni Weng… feeling ko she will give in eventually.

    Our visa application was relatively easy (from application to the interview). We prepared so many documents to support our application but the Embassy ended up not returning these to us. Super praning kasi kami since we noticed a lot of people being denied when we applied in Manila before. I guess mas lenient nga sila if you come from here. Try mo next time.

  3. Pa-sikat na ng pa-sikat ang Cafe Munchkin, panigurado kaya na niya yan soon. 😀

    Hay! Nakaktuwa talaga kayo! 🙂

    Iba talaga ang Cafe Munchkin, Twinkie… hindi ba napaka swerte natin to be “close” to Weng?!

  4. sagot ko queen sized airbed, pandesal, at pampamilyang sasakyang pampasyal (buti na lang kasya ang walo sa kotse ko). at syempre, libreng tour ng atlanta area hehe. sige na nga may kasama pang magnet na souvenir, hehe! 😀

    Meeya, maraming salamat… buti na lang at sinama mo ang magnet na souvenir… alam mo naman ang collection namin ni Pinky… yung pandesal ba porterhouse steak ang palaman…hehehe! Naku, wala bang mabait na sasagot ng airfare namin?!

  5. naku..6 hours pa ako padisneyworld pero me queen size bed din dito na nag aantay sa inyong mag-anak dito sa munting state sa florida!! !libre din ang food ninyo mula sa kusina ni dang!
    tiket na lang…pinakaimportante pa naman ito.;)
    just let me know,ok? para me kalaro naman si unico hijo miguel

    Dang, sa Florida ka rin pala… my cousin lives in West Melbourne and in Orlando. Naku, I’m sure mag-eenjoy ang mga anak ko playing with Unico. Di bale, God willing, magkikita rin tayo.

  6. wow! kailan yan? makakarating ba kayo as far as Boston? hehe! i’d love to meet up with you guys:) kaya lang sana kasya kayo sa bunkbed! hahaha!

    Ces, I’d love to see Boston… I heard that is such a beautiful place. No plans yet… mukhang marami pa kaming iipunin. Anyway, we have 10 years before our visas expire so that should buy us time. We’ll make sure to tell you if ever get a chance to go there. Thanks for offering the bunkbeds.

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