Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 24, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?

I noticed that my posts are getting fewer and fewer as the days pass. No need to worry, though,  I am still alive but waiting for my mojo to come back.  However, I felt that I could not let this month end without me sharing how God has truly kept His promises to our family.  But, before that, I think I should share with you first how our life was pre-KSA.

Pinky and I have always been happily married.  We never had any major disagreements when we were dating and during our marriage.  Most of our arguments are petty issues that we just let slide.  At worse, we would disagree on which restaurant to go to for our dates. I normally ask her preference but, almost always, end up bullying her to go to where I want to eat.  I usually get my way but, mind you, do not hear the end of it from my very outspoken wife.  Exciting di ba?

Anyway, we only had Luigi and Rafael back then.  Even so, 24 hours never seemed enough to fit in all the things we wanted to do in one day (typical life in the Philippines).  As much as we tried to be hands-on parents to our boys, we often felt that we were not doing enough.  Pinky, for one, thought that she was not able to really fulfill her role as a mother since she had to work and also help out financially in supporting our family.  I, on the other hand, felt very frustrated since I could not manage to provide for our household needs alone.  To make things worse, my work left me with little opportunity to grow and that made me feel like I reached a dead-end.

We fervently prayed to God about our personal struggles and He listened.  In fact, He listened intently to every concern and answered them when He felt the time was right. 

Fast forward to February 2009.  Location, KSA.

Our life now is far from ideal (and I do not think I have to elaborate on that).  However, I would like to think that in the few years that we have been here, God has allowed us to find happiness in what we do.  Pinky in her role as a full time mother and I with my role as provider to our family.  Because of this, I believe we have also become better parents to our children, now three with our daughter, Marga.  The time we spent with them is priceless and I hope, someday, this will all bear good fruit when our children become parents too.

God really works in mysterious ways.  Who ever thought that we would find happiness in a place that is just so different from what we are used to.  I would like to think that what we have enjoyed, thus far, is just the tip of the iceberg and that God will come up with more surprises in the future.  As Pinky would always say, no one can out-do God in His generosity. 

So far, we have learned many things from our experience.  However, the one thing that comes to mind now is that you have to learn to let God take control of your life so He can work wonders in you.   The joy of taking personal leaps of faith is eventually finding out the many pleasant surprises that God has laid in store for you in your journey.

 PS:  It is my 3rd year anniversary in the Kingdom (Feb 28) hence the restropective post.




  1. Ah-lab-it! 😀 Seriously, I say amen to all that you wrote! The Lord has indeed very gracious to us by letting us thrive in the most unlikely of places.

    Yes, who would’ve thought that we would find ourselves more and also find fulfillment and happiness (however imperfect) in an “extreme” place like this desert. Life has been good because our God is good! 🙂

    PS It’s been said that the third is the “charm” – and I guess they were right! Happy 3rd year anniversary! Labyu! Mwah!

    I was actually thinking that I sounded so defensive when I wrote that (I hope not). Somehow, the stigma of staying in the Mid East (especially in our Kingdom) makes a lot of people think of how difficult our life must be. Perhaps, I would have thought the same if I were an outsider looking in.

    I do hope we continue to learn and remain happy with every new situation that comes our way. I always remember the passage I saw in Tagaytay the last time we were there… “Return to the Lord so your joy may be complete.” This should be our family’s mantra!

    To more years of happiness with the Lord!

  2. i smell a promotion! hehe, nakita ko lang sa FB mo 🙂

    KSA isn’t so bad, basta kasama mo family mo. the way i see it, mukang naging closer pa nga kayo because of your situation. that alone is a good thing! 🙂

    Hi Gracita… iba talaga ang FB… hehehe.

    I guess being with my whole family made a big difference. I would not be surprised if I ended hating this place if they were not with me. Come to think of it, I may not have enjoyed living any where in the world if I were far from my family. Amen to what you said – being closer to your family is one thing that we all strive for.

  3. Bakit kaya ako naiyak gayong nakakatawa naman ang paraan ng iyong pagkakasulat.

    “Let God take control of your life…” Amen. Amen. Amen.

    In all honesty, I never thought that your life in KSA is “difficult”. I even told Jose that I’d like to go there someday budget permitting. As in! Maybe it’s because of the influence that good people like you brings in the kingdom or maybe it’s the curiosity of camels walking in the sand. 🙂

    God bless you always!!!

    Twinkie, naiyak ka?! Naku, I bet naghihiwa ka lang ng sibuyas habang binabasa mo itong post ko!

    Ang hirap kasi ng feeling of letting go and asking God to take control. Often times, pinipilit natin kung ano ang gusto natin. Problem is, God knows more than we do and, often, what we want is not always the best for us.

    Go to KSA… hmmm, may sayad ka na ata eh…hehehe! Sige, dalawin mo naman kami… sagot ko na ang Camel ride niyo ng buong pamilya.

  4. i know what you mean. in many ways, our lives are parallel – na our families were both given the chance to make a living so far and sooo away. 😛 but instead of just making a living per se, we found and built ourselves a new way of life which has made our respective families stronger, closer, and probably more appreciative of what a lot of people take for granted. ako lang, as a person, i feel so transformed in so many ways, to think na medyo on the defense pa ako nung simula, hehe.

    siguro sabi ni Lord sa akin: “hmmm, aayaw-ayaw ka pa ha… eto ang sa iyo. *blag*” 😀

    anyway, congrats on your 3rd year of “independence” sa kingdom. more blessings for you! 🙂

    Nakakatuwa talaga, Meeya, how the Lord works in our lives no? We often resist change and yet, a lot of times, it ends up to be better for all (God willing). Important talaga eh you bloom where you are planted… no matter how difficult the situation may be. I’m sure kahit kami ni Pinky eh may double *ka-blag* from God.

    Sana mag dilang anghel ka, Meeya… to more years of happiness!

  5. AMEN!!! God really works in mysterious ways! who would have thought that God will use this place to strengthen family ties and faith in HIM. thanks for visiting my site…si Lord lang ang nagpapalakas sa min ni Jom.

    We are blessed to meet people like you and Jom. Tingan mo naman where blogging has led us… at least we now have a support group who share the same values as we do. God is the only one who can keep us strong … where ever we are in the world.

  6. Malapit ba ang relatives niyo dito sa Ohio? If ever you feel like road tripping here, ipagluluto ko kayo ng pancit and lumpia and Amish Food Delicacies–nothing too weird though, but delish! Definitely. Mas madali ang mag renew kapag nasa abroad US consulate ano?

    Mahalia, kahit wala kaming kamag-anak na malapit sa yo eh mukhang worth it ang biyahe if just to try your lumpia and pancit. We should put this in our itinerary.

    Our expeirence was definitely easier here than in Manila.

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