Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 11, 2009

Shoot, Strum and Click

The past few weeks since my last post have been quite hectic both in the office and in our home.  In my office, aside from the usual account reviews, there is also a new guy in our team whom we are helping to get settled down.  At home, the boys have been swamped with several school projects (4 to be exact), which all needed to be submitted in the same week (Pinky will blog about this in more detail).  Anyway, no complaints.  These are just the usual bump in the road, which we encounter every now and then to make our life here in the Kingdom more exciting.

I must say, though, that there have also been other things that have kept us busy.  I for one mustered the guts to accept the invitation of a fellow blogger, KD, to join a group of photographers based  mostly here in Saudi Arabia (Desert Fox Shooters).

I have already attended 2 formal sessions about basic photography and post processing, which are both very interesting to say the least.  I never knew that the art of photography entailed so much technical things to learn about – from aperture and shutter speed settings to analyzing the light source and measuring how these affect your subject.  Heck, even the post processing took more work using Photoshop!  I am intimidated by all the things I have to know (and the high-tech gadgets that my friends use) but I am not about to back-out now.  Just wait. Hopefully, soon I will be able to shoot better photographs using my handy dandy p-and-s camera (ngek!).

Another thing that has kept us busy nowadays is the guitar.  Luigi and Rafael have started to take formal lessons on basic guitar playing from a good friend of ours, who has patiently taught our children how to strum.  Although it will definitely take months or even years before our boys become good at this, Pinky and I are still hoping that we have opened a channel for the boys to become more well rounded by, not only doing well in school, but also having a better appreciation for music and the arts.  I myself have been inspired to also pursue a life long ambition to be able to play the guitar so I have started studying the boys lessons and learn a few chords.  Hopefully, one day, the Sy boys will be able to make our own band and play for all of you loyal readers out there… naks!

Finally, Pinky and I have also been hooked on Facebook.  Despite my initial dislike for this new social networking site (because of all the pa-cutie hug-poke and cyber gift giving stuff), I have learned to appreciate this medium since it enabled us to connect with so many of our friends from way, way back.  I am so surprised how many people are using this.  Just try to look for one person, connect to him, make a few clicks and viola.. you have the whole world in front of your screen. So far friends linked to me have reached more than 200 and I plan to add more (hindi ako social climber ha…defensive).  By the way, did I mention that the reason I enjoy this is it brings out the lurker in people… you get updated with things that are happening in your friends lives without having to attend a reunion?  Speaking of which, I was shocked to realize that our HS batch will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year!  Anyway, I believe that age is only a state of mind and, with my juvenile mentality, I do not think I will grow old soon.  That’s the spirit.

Anyway, this is all for now.  Until next time.






  1. Hi Keith! Nice to meet you in person. Next time with Pinky naman and the kids.

    Hi Ann… same here… I enjoyed talking to you (and Tin). Next time, dadalhin ko na si Pinky para naman eh makapag usap kayo in person.

  2. I also wanted to attend such photography class. Nasa listahan ko yan hehe. Bili muna ako Kamera.

    In fairness I like Facebook more than friendster since people in facebook are more civil (and snobbish LOL). Sometimes in friendster, you cant anymiore distinguish between civility and rudeness.

    What I hate about Facebook are those applications that serves as a clutter. Some of them are total waste of time. I mean after you approve an app or joined an activity, you will be taken on a far far away galaxy. And you will need 4-5 clicks more before you can go to the apps page again and do the darn thing all over again.

    Nice to read your post again. ang tagal mo nawala sa blogosphere

    God Bless

    Bluep, ang galing ng mga classes… you should attend something similar to it… nahiya nga lang ako kasi ang hi-tech ng mga cameras nila… pang professional talaga. Better invest in a good camera nga para mas useful sa yo ang mga sessions. Ang dami mo ng ipon sa ka pepe mo ha!

    Hate ko nga rin yung mga applications ng FB… asar ako sa mga hugs and pokes. Ang galing lang nga how many people are using it, right. Parang updated version ng yearbook.

    Dadalaw ako sa yo one of these days. May tinatapos lang ako ngayon. Hope all is well with you.

  3. i applaud you for finally finding the time to blog! ako, wala parin sa mood!! 🙂

    kakatuwa naman at sasama ka pa pala kay luigi and rafael in learning to play the guitar. si papa harvs just recently started with his drumming lessons. although, hindi masyado matuto dahil wala naman siyang drums at home (hindi makapag-practice!). since we live in a flat, nakakahiya namang mang-istorbo ng neighbors!

    about facebook naman, i have an account myself! add mo ko! 🙂 search ko nga names niyo later 🙂 i used it a lot before pero ngayon, na-bore narin ako.

    Gracita, hindi pa rin ako maka update as often as I used to. Ang hirap to start again after a long break.

    I really like to learn how to play the guitar. I tried doing it before when Pinky and the kids go on vacation in the Phils. Pero on-off, on-off lang ako. Hey, better buy Harvs an indoor drum. My friend has it. Super high-tech… sound like a real drum but you use some special thingie that you hit to generate the sound…. no noise because you can put a head set. Serious ako, if you want I can ask my friend what theycall it and you can research. I’m sure Harvs will love it.

    I’ll send a link to your FB one of these days.

  4. Finally, a post after a looong drought! Yipee!

    We are truly blessed to discover that kingdom life isn’t as restricting as we originally thought it to be.

    And yes, even if I’m just a “vicarious FB user”, I do enjoy cyber-networking more with this ingenious application.

    Here’s to better days and more interesting things to discover in the days (and years?) ahead! Labyu! 😀

    Hon, I so agree. It looks like we are really getting adjusted to Kingdom life… mukhang mahirap na ito iwan ha…hehehe!

    FB… please stop placing status updates ha!

  5. Kung saan ka masaya Kuya, go go go! Photography classes, facebook, guitar lessons for the binatas, go lang ng go. Enjoy life ika nga. Although, sinamsam ko talaga ng maigi ang post mong ito ha! Ka-miss kasi ang humour mo e. 😉

    Salamat, Twinkie… may pagka trying hard nga ako… ang tanda na eh type pang matuto ng kung ano-ano. Di bale, feeling ko naman eh may pag-asa pa ako.

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