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Santa’s Letter

One of the many challenges that we encountered since we moved to the Middle East is how to celebrate Christmas.  As you all are aware by now, Christmas (and other non-Muslim celebrations) is not officially allowed recognized here in the Kingdom unless you live in an exclusive residential compound like Aramco, where they are “more tolerant” of other religions.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a compound so celebrating Christmas has become quite stressful for us since we need to do this hush-hush unless we want to catch the attention of our “more conservative” neighbors.

Fortunately, God has been really good to our family.  Except for our first Christmas here in 2006, He has allowed us to celebrate this joyous occasion more freely in the Philippines (in 2007) and in Bahrain (in 2008).  I guess I really would not mind spending a simple Christmas here in the Kingdom if it were only Pinky and I but having three children with us makes a whole lot of difference!  I want my children to have pleasant memories of their Christmas celebrations so they can also do the same to their children when they have their own families.

While we look forward to celebrating Christmas outside the Kingdom, it also creates a problem for our dear old friend, St Nick, who has to continually think of “creative ways” to deliver his presents to our children.  We encountered this problem before and this year was no exception! Thankfully, St Nick has a lot of tricks up his sleeves so he was still able to successfully deliver his goodies on Christmas Eve.

While we were opening our presents in our hotel room, somebody rang the door bell at exactly 12 am to deliver some presents and a letter addressed to our daughter, Marga.  Rafael opened the door and took the package from the hotel staff who did not mention anything about the gift or who it came from.  It was quite uncoventional for Santa to ask somebody else to deliver his presents for him given that, from our past experiences, he would normally leave his present neatly stacked on our doorstep or some other part of the house (read: I’m sure this was his “real” intention but somewhere along the way instructions were misunderstood by his “little helpers”).  Anyway, I guess staying in a hotel room makes it more difficult for St Nick to deliver his goodies don’t you think?

I will try to post some pictures of our how we celebrated Christmas next time.  For now, I want to share with all of you Santa’s letter to Marga, who sadly did not care too much about it since she was so preoccupied playing with her new Dora Farmhouse playset.  Anyway, I am sure one day you will be able to read this Marga and I hope by that time you will be ready to understand what the true meaning of Christmas is.  Until then… Ho! Ho! Ho! (ooops!)

PS: In case you are curious what happened before, please click on this link =>The Unexpected Guest;


Dearest Margarita,

 I am sure you do not remember me since you were still very small when I last dropped by your house.  Anyway, my name is Santa Claus and you may have seen me before because of all the pictures they show you in the stores and on television especially during Christmas time.  I do have a red suit and a fluffy white beard but my tummy is not as BIG as they want you to believe.  My waist line is just 47 inches, the last time I checked, but this may have grown an inch or two because of all the yummy goodies that Mrs. Claus has been baking for me and my elves. 

Oh yes, I have elves who help me make presents for all the nice children around the world.  They usually wear a green and red costume in our toy factory in the North Pole, something similar to what you were wearing today. If your ears were a little bit pointed, I would have definitely mistaken you for one of my cute little helpers. 

Anyway, in case you do not know, I go around the world every Christmas to give special presents to all the children who have been good all year round. I do this because Jesus, who is celebrating His birthday today, wants the kids to be happy during His birthday. He also wants to reward the little boys and girls who have been good and obedient to their mommies and daddies (and brothers too!). More than that, though, He wants you to know, that there is a special joy that comes from learning how to share your blessings to other people.  I hope you remember this when you become a little bit older. 

I had fun visiting your Kuya Luigi and Kuya Rafael before although they gave me a very difficult time by locking the windows and doors and moving from one house to another!  I was hoping they did not teach you their little pranks but it seems that you have started to follow in their foot steps.  Spending Christmas in Bahrain?!  Oh my, what should I expect next year… Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anyway, I hope to see you in my “Nice list” again next year.  Do not forget that I am watching the children every day so I can update my Christmas list and see who is naughty and who is nice.  Please tell your brothers that I could not resist but leave little presents for them too even though I know that they have been a little lazy in taking their showers lately. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Thank you for being a good girl.  I hope to see you again next Christmas. Oh, by the way, Mrs. Claus, my elves and reindeer also send their love to you. 


Santa Claus














  1. i will bookmark this and copy your letter when i have my own kid! haha, joke!

    i love that (1) you did not fail to mention Jesus as being the reason why Santa bring gifts to children, (2) you try to instill thoughtfulness and sharing, and (3) that she should always be “nice” so santa will give something again next year.

    how about rafael and luigi, may gifts and letters din ba sila from santa? 🙂

    Thanks, Gracita. The boys got a small present from Santa too although he wrote them last Christmas (2007) saying that they were getting big now and that Santa has to give priority to the younger kids (during Christmas). The boys were actually surprised to still get something this year. I guess Santa just could not resist (or he had extra space in his sleigh). Hehehe!

  2. Kapatid babati lang ako sayo at ngayon lang ako natapos sa aking blog. naglipat kasi ako ng server.

    May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas (actually pasko pa) and may the Lord guide you through this new year.

    All the best in 2009!

    Pax et Bonum

    Bluep, happy New Year to you too.

  3. how does santa feel about, uh, plagiarism?? 😀 i loved the letter but, if i too had a dora playset, medyo ganun din siguro ang takbo ng priority ko. 😀

    i’m glad you always find a way to celebrate the reason for the season, yun naman ang important di ba? plus the memories that do go along with it, siyempre).

    (a belated) merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family, keith!

  4. Marga has really been a very “nice” little girl! Parang Dora talaga ang theme ng gifts para sa generation ng ating mga girls ano po?

    Ako nga ito na hindi si Margarita ay tuwang-tuwa sa pagmamahal na ipinakita ni Santa, I’m sure sobrang ma-appreciate niya ito pag nagbabasa na rin siya tulad ng kanyang mga kuyas.

    Hindi ko alam kung ilang beses ko na ito sasabihin pero talagang ang sarap ninyong maging parents.

    Panigurado kapag nasa hustong edad na ang mga anak ninyo para mag-pamilya… makikita ng laaht ang bunga ng mga efforts na ginagawa ninyo. 😀

    Happy new year sa inyong lahat!

  5. how come Santa never wrote me a letter like that?ü

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

  6. naks naman si santa, may delivery service na! hee hee! i love how the santa/s of the sy kids is/are very creative. 🙂 galing galing!

  7. Meeya / Twinkie / Bro Utoy at Weng, maraming salamt sa inyong mga commento. Pasensya na at kung napapansin niyo eh medyo delinwquent pa ako sa pag-blog at pag reply sa inyo.

    I do hope Pinky and I succeed in helping the children remember the real meaning for the season. Mahirap na kasi silang turuan when they become older.

  8. […] like what he did in Christmases past (click this and this), he left a special note written in his signature red ink.  Unfortunately, since I am unable to […]

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