Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 23, 2008

The Revelation

Since we will be spending Christmas in Bahrain (and since there is a special buy one, take one promotion in Domino’s during Mondays), Pinky and I decided to hold our Kris Kringle revelation last night.  

We ordered two boxes of medium sized pizza, two bottles of softdrinks and some barbecue flavored chicken wings for dinner.  For dessert, Pinky baked an apple pie and topped this with some whipped and vanilla ice cream.  Marga fell asleep during dinner but woke up shortly after that.

Luigi and Rafael were eager to open the gifts but Pinky and I thought that it would be a great idea to start our mini celebration by reading the Christmas story.  I struggled to look for the right book and verses until, finally, I saw the story in the Book of John.  Embarassingly, it has been a really long while since I last opened the Good Book.

Going back, we all sat on the floor beside our lighted Christmas tree while Pinky read the story.  Marga, surprisingly, listened intently while  slurping her noodle soup.  After that, we thought it would be nice for each of us to say a special prayer for one another.  I prayed for Pinky, Pinky for Luigi, Luigi for Rafael and Rafael for Marga.  Pinky and Marga said a short prayer for me too.  It was a nice experience although the warm noodles that kept on falling from Marga’s mouth to the floor and table occasionally distracted us (by the way, she was feeding herself).

Afterwards, we placed all the unlabeled gifts on the table and asked each one to guess which present they felt was theirs.  Pinky and I intentionally mixed a few more unmarked packages on our tree just to confuse a little bit our (intelligent) boys.  We felt that doing that will add to the fun especially when you find out that you picked the wrong gift! 

Pinky, who is turning a year older on Christmas day, revealed her baby first.  She got a good sized package from the table and gave it to Rafael. Rafael followed and gave a shiny bag to Luigi.  Luigi gave a nicely wrapped present to me, then I gave mine to Marga and she to Pinky.  Laughing, we realized the most of us picked the wrong present!

Before opening our packages, though, we brought out the sealed envelope that contained the papers where we previously wrote our guesses (who got who).  Although Pinky and I promised a special prize for any one who could get everything correctly, we really did not buy anything since we were so sure none of our kids will get the right answer.  Surprisingly, Rafael got everything right and so now we owe him an prize!

For our gifts, Rafael got a Disney themed Scrabble game board (which we played after the party), Luigi got a cool sports watch, Marga got a “kikay” Princess purse and wallet, I got a nice long sleeve shirt and Pinky got a bohemian-looking jewelry box.

Thankfully, our first ever family Kris Kringle was a hit.  It looks like we will be doing this again next year and the year after that, and the year after that too.  For all you know, we might expand our group to include even our relatives back home… hmmm, that sounds like a good idea… now, if only we can think of a way to coordinate the gift giving and revelation… tsk! tsk! tsk!… anyway, that can wait for now. 

These are some of our pictures. We hope you like them. 


Luigi and Rafael horsing around before we start.

Some family pictures first…






Before we open the presents…


Pinky’s jewelry box, which made them all laugh…


… my new shirt and my goofy look, that made them laugh too!


A new watch for our pre-teen…


… a new game board for our not-so-pre-teen…


… and a kikay bag for our beauty queen!






  1. Patok na naman Christmas gimmick mo, Papa Santa! 😀 I seriously think you should consider a career in events management as a sideline – hehehe!

    Truly enjoyed the party and the happiness on all our kids’ faces made it all the more worth it!


    Oo nga, hon, pwede ba akong mag change ng career path ngayon… I think may opening sa Boyoyong Clowns.

  2. I got one right. Luigi’s gift really IS for you.ü

    touching naman yung part where Pinky read the Christmas story and then you prayed for one another. Now other family should start a tradition like this too! meaningful and values-filled.ü

    May the Sy family have a blessed Christmas!

    Galing mo nga Bro Utoy… I did not even think those were clues (apparently that descibes me daw per my son… mukhang nambola pa no).

    Hope you had a great time in Italy. Happy New Year!

  3. seems like a whole lot of fun… 🙂 merry CHRISTmas to you and your entire household keith…

    Salamat, Lino… likewise to you and your wife.

  4. Ang saya saya naman!!! Nakakatuwa,nagkabali-baligtad ng regalo? ha ha ha!

    Merry Merry Christmas to you Pinky, Keith, Luigi, Rafael and Marga!! -from Holland

    Salamat, Thess. Hope you had a great celebration as well.

  5. a kris kringle game like that could work in a huge family like yours, pero lugi pag kaming tatlo lang, hehe! but we actually had a kris kringle with all of our friends here, naging mas masaya tuloy ang gift-giving, di na masyadong lugi. 🙂

    that’s a great tradition to start with your family – very meaningful and fun, too!

    ipahiram kaya sa akin ni marga yung bag niya? i love it! 😀

    Meeya, ang hirap nga ng 5 people lang (actually 4 lang kasi si Marga eh salingkit lang)… super dali mahulaan. It was a fun experience, though, and we will most likely do it again next year. I’m sure Luigi and Rafael will look for it.

    Oo nga no… bag lady ka pala… I doubt… she is so attached to her princess bag… super kikay itong anak ko 🙂

  6. Naku po! Saan ba ako magsimula sa pag-cooment? Bahala na!

    What beautiful family you have Kuya! Ang gaganda rin ng blue na baro ninyong boys at lavender for the girls.

    Nakakinggit ang gimmick ninyo! Party with pizzas, gifts and all. Ano pa bang mahihiling ng isang bata?

    ‘Di ko nga lang na-gets bakit sila natawa sa jewelry box ni Ate Pinky. 🙂

    Ang ganda rin ng pagkakasunod-sunod ng litrato. Pag dating sa kuha ng Daddy and daughter, hindi ko alam kung tatawa o maiiyak ako. Hehehe! Ang sweet!

    Ang galing din ni Marga at kumakain na siya on her own! Kahit na may nahuhulog pa, prinsesa talaga ang role niya e! Bakit ba? Hahaha!

    Ano kaya ang mangyari sa Christmas ’09 ng inyong pamilya? Aabangan ko yan. Saya e! 😀

    Twinkie, alam mo yung damit namin ay by coincidence lang… hindi na nga ako nagpalit… yon ang suot ko sa opisina that day.

    Puro gimmick lang kami… kids are easy to please…they want fun things… games – gimmicks. Kailangan namin yan dito sa aming kaharian kung hindi eh masisiraan kami ng ulo. Alam mo naman ang buhay namin. Kaya din ninyo yan ni Jose… the cornier the better for kids (at least while they are this age).

    Hindi ko din sure about that jewelry box… hate ni Pinnky at ng mga anak ko… parang ang daming pwet ng baso daw. Hmp!

    Sige, abangan natin yung 2009… hoep nagblo-blog pa tayo by that time.

  7. love your goofy look, keith! at nakakatuwa ang pic ni marga with her purse over her shoulder ha! nagkaroon kami ng kakaibang exchange gift experience last christmas with our pinoy friends. white elephant yata ang tawag doon. have you heard of that? ang saya! 🙂

    Thanks, Weng… whiet elephant… yes, I’ve heard of that… the one were you give away the gift you don’t like… I want to try that too kaso I think that is best with a big group (and as long as walang pikon)… hirap if nobody likes the gift you bought.

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