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Last Friday, our good friend, Raquel, who is based in Aramco, invited us to help walk her dogs – yes, all five of them!  Her friend, Tess, who also had three dogs, joined us too thus bringing the total dog count to 8! 

All seven of us “invitees” (3 adults and 4 kids), with the exception of Pinky – who, for some reason, is totally averse to taking care of anything that sheds, licks and has fleas (why, oh why?!?) –  were excited to walk these pups.  Though we honestly also had some reservations as to how our children will relate to the puppies given that they have never really taken care of any dogs (or any “four-legged pets”, for that matter).  Despite our initial concerns, however, we still accepted the invitation with much anticipation and enthusiasm.

We arrived in Aramco at around 5PM.  The sun was about to set and we could all feel the winter breeze kick in. The kids (and the dogs) did not mind but we inisted on the children wearing the sweaters and hoodies we brought to keep them warm.  

This experience was definitely one for the books!  Our children loved it – so much that they were literally begging us to let them have a pet dog too!  Raquel was kind enough to offer us to adopt one of her dogs. Unfortunately, living in an apartment with limited space and in Saudi Arabia, too (where a dog is not really considered “man’s best friend” – since their religion puts dogs side by side with pigs as being “unclean” animals), will make this request almost impossible to grant.

Anyway, in case you read this Raquel and Tess, thank you so much for making our kids soooo happy.  We hope to be able to walk your “babies” again soon – they are just so adorable.

Getting ready to choose our dogs.  These pups were well trained – they volunteered to wear their leashes.

Climbing the hill…

… and down to the walking path.

Papa Keith, Marga and Gambini taking a rest.

Feeling sentimental by the lake… Luigi and Casper.

Rinel, Ira and Ivory (shouldn’t that dog be white?)

Rafael trying to control Angel, the smallest puppy.

Yes, believe it or not, there was actually a dog (Gambini) at the end of that leash – hahaha! 🙂

Our fourth child, Casper.

Ooops… all tangled up.

Mama Pinky (still pretending)… wait, where is Marga?  Guess who is on the leash now?

Tita Raquel, Tita Tess, Luigi, Rafael and half of the gang.

Ge, my cousin, with Charming.

Luigi, why do you have so much hair?  Ooops!

These dogs are more trained than my kids! Raquel, can I swap?

Raquel agreed… Marga for Ebony.  Yet, at the last minute, we took the offer back… 😉







  1. wait, why are the girls are not wearing abayas? puede pala yun? i suppose nasa compound kayo? winter na talaga no? i love the cold breeze!! sana ganito nalang whole year round sa ME!

    i have the same aversion for dogs as pinky! basta di ko type ang anything with fur (i have allergic rhinitis!) and fangs (takot akong makagat… except kung si edward cullen in twilight ang kakagat, hehe!).

    buti nalang sayo nagmana kids mo and they weren’t afraid of dogs. but i have to agree about not having dogs in your apartment. it’ll be dirty and stinky, hehe! 🙂 by the way, marga is sooo cute with her pink hoodie! 🙂

    Gracita, yes, the only place where the women can remove their Abayah is in the Aramco facilities. This compound is huge… like Clark and Subic in the Philippines. Other residential compounds here also allow women to remove their cover but the area where they go go around is very limited… pointless mag alis ng taklob. Ang sarap ng panahon ngayon… cold but not too cold. Weird lang kasi ang mga balat namin ni Pinky eh sobrang dry ngayon.

    Ako, I love dogs that are trained and behaved. The wild ones that bark a lot I always avoid. Had a traumatic experience with them before. Pinky will never allow us to have pets in our house… although, I also do not like the idea since our place is not that big and Rafael has asthma. Maybe one day when we have a lawn or covered garage we can consider our children’s request.

    That pink hoodie is so cute. A friend of ours gave it to Marga last Christmas… cute ng mga bata when they are in winter wear kasi eh.

    PS: still waiting for Twilight to show in Bahrain… si Pinky na-iinip na.

  2. Looks like you had fun (even Pinky, all smiles).

    I’m a dog lover too and dogs in the neighborhood knew that, lumalapit sila kumakawag ang buntot…(maybe I look like bones to them heheh).

    G, naku, sooo much fun… I’m glad we were able to do it since medyo limited ang exposure ng mga anak namin sa mga pets and then then place where we live does not really encourage it pa.

    Naku, bones ba ang tingin nila sa yo…I’m sure they just know a dog lover when they see one 🙂

  3. You have to hand it to me naman that I at least tried, di ba? 😉

    Sige, if we get to transfer to a “freer” environment and we are blessed with a larger home and garden, I just might re-think my decision to have a pet dog for the kids… but take note – count me out from all the pet grooming and clean-up ha! 😀

    Two snaps for you, Hon… sige the boiys should take care of the pet grooming…hehehe!

  4. awww, i miss my doggies back home. we can’t have pets here now too – small space and we move around a lot. but i really really want ninna to have a pet talaga. hopefully pag magkapit-bahay na tayo makiki-lawn na lang kami sa huge garden niyo. 🙂

    btw, keith, casper takes after you! hindi na kailangan ng dna testing, hehehe!

  5. Wahahaha! Kulet ng pics ni Ate Pinky! Panggap ba? Naku, ako man, hindi mahilig sa pets na nakikita mong humihinga at malalmbot… Gold at Clown fish pwede pa? 😀 Si Mia nga nuon humawak ng sisiw, tuwang-tuwa! Ako ay takot na takot! As in tumitiling takot.

    Pero sobrang adorable naman ng mga “babies” na inalagaan ninyo! Lalo na si Casper, bagay nga siya as your “fourth.” Wag sila mag-alala, may plans naman pala for garden and garage! I’ll pray na sana ay dumating ito soon. 😀

    Kung pwede lang kurutin si Marga sa pisngi! Sabi nga ni Mia a soft pinch means she loves you. Hehehe!

  6. they’re sooooo cute!!! the other one looks like my dog, macky (light brown hair).

    nakakatuwa sila no… naku, dapat ata dalawin namin si Macky… my kids are dying to have their own puppy… yun nga lang eh wala naman kaming lugar sa bahay.

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