Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 16, 2008

All Things Marga

This post is nothing… just a doting father who is trying to avoid work.

My daughter, who is two and a half years old now, is so cute and very imaginative.  Pinky and I noticed that quite recently she enjoys playing games were she assumes a different character.  Several times, she pretended to be a mom with a baby who is either sleeping, hungry or needs a nappy change.  Occasionally, she is a chef who would prepare fried egg for us to eat or maybe just a lazy puppy.

My favorite characters, though, are her hopping bunny and squirting flower.  Cute, right? What does she do when she is one of the two?  Nothing really. However, do not even make a mistake of calling her by her real name when she is assuming those roles because she will not hesitate to correct you on the spot! Yes, she is that serious… she is hopping rabbit… she is squirting flower! Ayayay!

Marga also knows how to grease herself into my heart (read: marunong mang langis) by saying she misses me a lot whenever I am at work… awwwww!… sweet, right? If I am lucky and she is in the mood, I may even get a tight hug with a matching wet kiss or two from her too.  What a darling!  These are the things that make me beam with joy every time I think about it.

*Pop!* Somebody just burst my thought bubble…Grrr… now I have to go back to work. Anyway, this is all for now.




  1. Sweet! Now I hope you have similar posts for your “dos hijos” as well…soon! 😉

    And yes, she can be very imaginative at times! Truly glad that I can now share all these special experiences more closely with her since being a stay-at-home mom (among others!)…

    Naku, oo nga, I might be accused of playing favorites. Aren’t you glad you traded in those high heeled shoes for the more comfy flip-flops?

  2. awww… btw, what does she do when she’s a “squirting flower”? that one is really imaginative! i don’t recall ever pretending to be a flower when i was a kid, let alone, a squirting one. 🙂

    Actually, none Rina… she just wants to be called that… must be her Chinese blood taking over… you know, Crouching Tiger, Drunken Master, Squirting Flower…hehehe!

  3. marga’s so cute and adorable talaga! like i said before, harvs and i love her! kakatuwa siya when we met you guys here in dubai! 🙂

    Thanks, Gracita. She can be adorable at times but she also has her moments… her temper is controllable especially when she wakes up from her afternoon naps… oh my! You might think twice about your comment… hehehe!

  4. I second the motion, paano kaya si squirting flower? Hehehe! Ang cuuuuuuuute! At ang sweet dahil binlog mo pa talaga sa gitna ng iyong busy day.

    Si Mia naman lately laging Mommy and Mia ang eksena. Minsan napapa “Yes, Mia?” ako tapos sasabihan niya ko ng, “Mom, I’m playing pretend!”

    Then again, grease kung grease talaga ang nagagawa ng inyong unica hija ‘di lamang sa puso mo kung ‘di pati na rin sa mga avid readers ninyo like me.

    If only to meet people like you in person (even in the middle of the desert) is not costly, we could have been knocking on your door everyday. 🙂

    Twinkie, actually I was just bored and trying to look for a reason not to do my work (and to update my blog)…hehehe!

    Naku, nakakatuwa talaga ang mga anak natin…. ang aarte no… pero that is what makes them cute too… oh mga doting parents talaga tayo. Oo nga, we would love to meet your family… I’m sure Marga and Mia will just gel instantly. Kung hindi nga lang mahal magbiyahe… grrr!

  5. Aha, so this is the guilty post you were talking about, nasaan ang picture?

    (my son trying to get attention: Mama, Ah lab you!) Sinong hindi titingin pag ganyan ang bata? 😉

    G, naku, marami akong mga guilty posts… hirap kasi sometimes children just have so many speacial traits that endear you more to them.

    Ahhh… cute ng anak mo… sige, puntahan mo na.

  6. (Pst, yes you are playing favorites!) 😛

    Hahaha! Thanks for pointing that out… now I have to delete this comment just in case my boys read it… hehehe!

  7. squirting flower? haha! with matching, uh, razzberries ba yun? 🙂 i can feel the love and pride in your voice as you’re sharing this.

    here’s to more spontaneous johnson and johnson “moments”. 🙂

  8. nakakatuwa talaga ang imagination ng mga bata, ano? it’s amazing how they find ways to entertain themselves! 🙂

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