Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 10, 2008

Kris Kringle

It is the tail end of my 9 day vacation from the office and I am not sure if I am ready to go back to work (oops, I forgot to mention that the whole Kingdom is celebrating the Hajj holiday so I have been bumming around the house since last week).  The boys too are currently enjoying their month long winter break from school so you can just imagine how happy I am to be staying in the house with Pinky and the kids.

We took advantage of the holiday to cross over to Bahrain and watch High School Musical 3 and drop by Toys R Us to buy a few presents for the childen.  The most exciting thing we did this week, though, is to let our boys roam around in Centrepoint Department Store (previously known as City Plaza) on their own to do their Christmas shopping!  Yes, despite the crowd, Pinky and I nervously allowed our children to feel independent and grown up (even if just for an hour).

In order to make our Christmas more interesting, Pinky and I thought of having our own Kris Kringle.  I know it sounds pathetic given that we are only five in the family.  However, the boys are really dead serious about this new activity that we are doing.  You can really sense their excitement when we drew out our “babies” and each one of us swore not to tell anyone who they got to make it really fun.

Going back, carrying only a mobile phone and a limited budget, the four of us (Marga was with me) went to various areas to buy our presents.  Since the place is not that big, all of us bumped into each other at one point or another.

Rafael was the one who surprised us the most.  We expected him to be indecisive in choosing his present moreso at falling in line at the cash register to pay for the gift.  However, he proved us wrong.  He showed confidence all the way and did everything by himself!  Luigi, on the other hand, encountered some difficulty choosing his present (due to the limited budget) and paying for it at the counter. Apparently, the item he got did not have a price tag so it took a while before he was entertained by the cashier.  Pinky, who was in the vicinity, had to intervene and make sure her son was not being taken advantage of by the older customers who were all too eager to get ahead of the queue (so mother hen…hehehe!).

After an hour, we all bought our presents and met at the designated area.  We were complete, happy and excited to share our individual experiences to one another.  Oh, and by the way, we all wrapped our own presents too and Luigi, I must say, is the most creative in this aspect.

Revelation night is on the eve of Christmas so you will just have to wait a while to know who got who.  To make it a little more exciting, we are thinking of giving a special prize to our children if they can guess the correct match.  Come to think of it, you guys might want to join in too.  Just leave a comment and leave your guess.  For all you know we might become really generous and give a special prize even to you.






  1. Hon, thank God I can always count on you for fun, family-oriented “gimmicks” like these 😉

    Just seeing how excited the kids are makes me look forward even more to “revelation day” – hehehe!

    Ikaw naman… you give me too much credit… our activities won’t be fun if you did not play along with us.

    I must say that I am really excited to see how the kids will react to revelation night. Now, if only we can solve the problem about Santa… hmmm…

  2. im just amazed at your family’s gimik! napakaganda ng inyong samahang mag-anak! what a loving family!!it’s just very evident!
    grabe, ang mga kids nyo –ang bilis nilang lumaki, mamaya independent na talaga sila..
    hayaan mo na si pinky to the rescue sa pagbabayad! ganun talaga ang mga nanay..
    hmmm..sino kaya ang nabunot ni rafael? hula ko si marga..baka me prize ako..yipeeee!:)

    Dang, maraming salamat… madalas din kaming mag away-away 🙂 kaso hidni naman yon worth i-blog about.

    Ang bilis ngang lumaki ng mga bata… nalulungkot nga akong isipin na soon eh ayaw na nila kaming makasama… kahit si Marga eh may mga hirit na pang malaking bata… boo hoo hoo.

    Si Pinky eh mother hen talaga kahit anong sitwasyon… lalo na kapag may nang-aaway sa mga anak namin.

    Naku, ewan, tingan natin kung tama ang hula mo 🙂

  3. Napadaan lang po. Merry Christmas sa inyo!

    King, maraming salamat sa iyong pagdaan. Tiga Khobar ka pala… baka nagkikita pa tayo sa Ramaniyah 🙂

  4. oh my, it must have been real torture for pinky to let the boys roam around all by themselves in a crowded mall! hehe! but the boys are smart and that was a good exercise for them. keith, if you and pinky have more children, mas magiging masaya ang kris kringle niyo! 😛

    hirap manghula ha! you should post a pic of all the presents. maybe the sizes of the gifts can be a kind of a clue. pahleez? 😛

    round of applause for you for coming up with another fun family gimmick! clap clap clap!

    More children, naku Weng, that will be a miracle… at di bale nang lima lang kami sa Kris Kringle… baka kapag dumami pa kami eh wala na kaming pang bili ng mga regalo sa exchange gift namin…hehehe!

    I am glad the boys did well by themselves. Do you know we often leave the two boys by themselves in the house when Pinky and I need to buy some stuff in the grocery. So far, medyo responsible naman sila.

    Naku, hindi mo rin mahuhulaan based on how the gifts were wrapped. Hintayin mo na lang yung results sa Pasko 🙂

    Thanks… alam mo naman tayo eh kailangan maraming gimmick dito para maging masaya.

  5. this is such a brilliant idea keith! can’t wait to have kids talaga so i can make gaya all your “gimiks” and activities at home 🙂

    Thanks so much Chung. Like I said kay Weng, medyo kailangan nang kaunting creativity especially here in KSA. Ang hirap kasi since hindi available ang mga things na sanay tayong lahat. Ang hirap lang eh minsan, wala ka na ring maisip. Problema pa nga namin kung paano kami hahanapin ni Santa this year eh kasi baka mag overnight kami sa Bahrain. Baka may ideas ka… i-share mo naman 🙂

  6. are the words “fantastic, cool, big and fun” some kind of clue?ü for all you know, these words could be describing you, leap!

    Naku, ako ba yon… I never thought those words to be clues… I should ask Luigi why he placed those there… anyway, a few more days before revelation night… I’ll tell you who got who.

  7. Aw! (With hands on mouth…) Ang galing ninyo talaga mag-asawa!

    Nung isang araw may nakausap si Jose na wag daw kami mag-alala sa pagkakaroon ng apat na anak. Kung gusto raw namin ng apat, hindi raw kinreate ang mundo para magpakamatay sa trabaho. We should produce raw at hindi mapapalitan ng pera ang saya na idinudulot ng mga anak. Sa isip ni Jose palibhasa Briton siya at may allowance mga bata… Kaya… kapag napermanente kami rito (with benefits and all), buong puso kong ihahanda ang matres ko. Super excited na ko!!! Woohoo!

    At ang samahan ninyong pamilya, as usual, ang nagpapatotoo na anything is possible. Basta sundan lang namin ang yapak ng mga magulang na tulad ninyo (and with God wherever we are) I’m sure makakaya rin namin.

    Again, good job Kuya Keith and Ate Pinky, you guys really rock!!! 🙂

    Thanks so much Twinkie. Ganyan din kami ni Pinky, super worried magkaroon ng maraming anak kasi feeling namin magastos. Kaso, God has really been faithful to us in His promises. Even when we were in the Philippines, He always provided for our needs. Hindi naman kami de-sobra pero hindi naman kami nagkukulang din. The one thing we realized while living here in the Mid East is that the time with the spend with our kids can not be replaced by money. We are hoping that our kids will bring these experiences when they grow up and have their own family too.

  8. […] buy one, take one promotion in Domino’s during Mondays), Pinky and I decided to hold our Kris Kringle revelation last […]

  9. siguro i’d let ninna roam around the mall on her own when she’s 30, hehehe! nakaka-nerbyos pero we have to let them go sometimes.

    i’m sure everyone was pretty excited about the KK (i would be, too!)! can’t wait for next year no? 🙂

    btw, luigi talaga has always been artistic ano? ganda naman ng kanyang wrapping, super extra special talaga 🙂

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