Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 8, 2008

Vienna Sausages Anyone?

Since I was young, I always remember hating Vienna sausages because I could not quite figure out the taste.  To me, these sausages have always been like “trying hard hotdogs” (like Maling, in my eyes,  is a “trying hard Spam”). Recently, however, I have thought of giving these sausages another chance especially after having a wonderful time in the city in which these were named after. 

Last month, Pinky and I were fortunate enough to arrange a 4 1/2 hour bus ride from Prague to Vienna.  Together with my colleague, we thought it would be a great idea to travel to the Austrian capital for a few days before we officially started our training in Prague.  The schedule was tight but, looking back, we are glad we made that decision.

Thankfully, our cyber friend, G Mirage, was very helpful in organizing our trip.  Her detailed tips on which places to go to and what public transport to use were very, very helpful to say the least.  I do not know how we could have managed to see so much of this beautiful city without her inputs… thanks so much G!

Upon arrival at our hotel, Pinky and I wasted no time sitting down.  We decided to take a stroll around our hote;’s vicinity where the Naschmarkt and Karlskirche were located.  There where a few “clubs” and sex shops too, so that made the area quite “interesting” (if you know what I mean). 

The better area of the city is the Hofburg, which is a huge palace complex composed of many beautiful buildings, monuments and churches.  The place was very clean and safe.  Shopping, if you have the money, will rival any cosmopolitan city in Europe and the Americas. This is the Vienna I had in mind (even if we did not have the money to shop…hehehe!).

Another magnificent place to visit is the Schonbrunn Palace, which was the summer residence of the previous Austrian Emperor (and the location of Richard and KC’s photoshoot).  This place is so huge that it has approximately 1440 rooms, only 40 of which we were able to visit in aguided tour.  My favorite area is the grand ballroom because of its beautiful ceiling frescoes and chandeliers. Marie Antoinette and Princess Sisi (who, incidentally were sisters) were  just two of the many famous royals who once lived in this palace.

It was unfortunate, though, that we forgot our camera charger in Prague so we only have a few pictures of Vienna (arggh!). Anyway, I hope the few pictures that we managed to take will bring justice to the beauty of this place. 

Vienna sausages?  Hmmm, sorry but I think I still have to pass.  But Vienna, the city? Take me there – anytime!      




  1. Siyempre, sinama pa talaga ang KChard location shoot trivia – hahaha! The hidden jologs emerges at last… 😆

    Hon, hindi ba the only reason why we went to Schonbrunn is to be able to say we stood where KChard stood?…hehehe…jologs to the max…sayang nga at we were unable to reenact their pose.

  2. woohoo..very nice pics! i’m sure you had a blast in that trip! ive been reading your blog (also pinky’s) at di lang maka comment minsan sa sobrang bisi-bisihan..
    anyway..have a great week ahead!

    Hi Dang… nice to hear from you again… it’s been a while. Thanks for dropping by our sites…Kahit ako eh medyo madami ring ginagawa ngayon… ngayon lang at may one wek vacation kami sa trabaho kaya lang ako nakakablog ulit. I hope your family is well despite th cold weather there. Ingat.

  3. Wahahahaha! Si KChard pala nanghikayat e. Kidding aside, natawa rin ako sa umpisa ng Vienna sausage compared to hotdogs. Uhm… Kuya itanong mo kay Ate Pinky, in fairness sa vienna sausage, iba nagagawa ng “smoky” taste nito sa mga lutuin like pastel, carbonara… O siya, I don’t want to push it.

    Sana i-adya rin ni Lord na mapadaan kami diyan. Ang ganda naman talaga! Nakakatuwa yung shot na “the only tree with leaves.” Is it odd or beautiful? Definitely a beautiful observation. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. 😀

    Twinkie, jologs no…hehehe… come to think of it, I like Vienna sausages when mixed in chicken pastel but, on its own, I really don’t like it. I guess when we were young, kapag walang mabaon sa school eh ito ang pinapakain sa amin and I did not like it. Mukhang fan ka ng Vienna sausages ha…hehehe!

    I’m sure makakapunta rin kayo diyan… at least you live in Europe so it is easier for you to go around… we took the bus (I think 14 hours from London to Prague) but the train is more efficient.

    The tree… it was very nice, especially since all the plants around it were dried up due to the cold weather.

  4. as always, great pictures. next time try to post some misfocused or underexposed pictures para maiba naman ang comment ko.ü

    yup, one has to have an acquired taste for viennese sausages. the ones we know at home isn’t viennese sausage at all! the real ones, sliced thinly, eaten with a little butter and a bite of whole-grain bread, can be fun. pero, nako, give me longanisa anytime…

    Thanks, Bro Utoy… Pinky took most of the pictures… editing lang yan…

    Naku, suddenly my taste buds are looking for the “real” viennese sausage… why didn’t I see that there? Ako rin, longanisa pa rin ang gusto ko, lalo na yung matamis… yum!

  5. oo nga no? why do vienna sausages taste like that? tastes like nothing? oh well, i’ve never acquired the taste for it anyway. 🙂

    ang naaalala ko, yung vienna sausage boys choir! (mas jologs yun kesa sa KChard mo, haha!)

    as for vienna… wow. your konting pictures did it some justice naman, pero i’m sure maraming marami pa to see. i want to go there too someday! pwede bang paki-siksik ako sa maleta niyo next time? kahit vienna sausage lang ang kasama ko sa maleta, makakasurvive na ako. 🙂

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