Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 30, 2008

We heart Prague

Finally, I was able to organize some of our photos from our recent trip to Prague.  That city is absolutely so beautiful.  The cobblestone streets and old buildings give you a feeling that you have been transported many centuries back in time.  We read somewhere that Prague was not really destroyed during the 1st and 2nd World Wars so you can just imagine how well they were able to preserve this place.  Our hotel (Hotel U Pstrosu) alone dates back to the 15th century and this is just one of the many buildings from that era!  

Another thing that made our trip so special is our first ever experience of snow!  Yes, pretty white snowflakes started falling the day before we were scheduled to leave. I am sure you can just imagine how excited we were to see these falling from the sky!  Marga and I were so eager to go out of our hotel but it took a while before we could wear all our gear.  I must admit, though, that the novelty of our experience did not last long as the cold weather suddenly hit us hard.  We were freezing, wet and had so much difficulty getting decent photos since our fingers started to get numb.  Pushing Marga’s pram uphill to the Loreta Chapel was also very difficult as the snow started to turn into ice. Brrr! Now I can truly relate to people when they complain about how they hate snow. Anyway, enough with that.  I am sure these pictures will speak for itself – snow or no snow, we heart Prague! 





  1. G’leng-g’leng naman! And I agree – of all the places we’ve been blessed to visit, Prague is one of the more special ones. 😉

    Teynks! Swerte talaga that we obtained the course approval for it. Sana next time we can go as a family so it would be more special… kaso yung nga lang eh harrassed nanaman tayo 😦

  2. that is beautiful! thanks for sharing your photos. love the architecture in prague, it’s amazing. and i’m very glad to hear that you all had fun.

    now, where’s the vienna photos? hahaha, atat noh? have a blessed day, keith 😉

    Hi Nell! Oh my, I can’t describe the architecture of that city… it is just so amazing. We loved the place even if we almost froze since we are not used to that cold weather.

    I’ll post the Vienna pics soon… medyo busy lang ngayon.

  3. ay, we were there, too, earlier this year (March). i love Prague — the people, the food, the food, the architecture, the churches, the food… 😉

    i would love to live there.

    Naku, we are the same too… we just loved it. I just realized, though, that after being there for almost a week, that it is just a small city (or we were just unable to explore the other areas). They say the provinces of the Czech Republic are also nice… too bad we did not get to see it.

  4. Wow! Ang ganda! Wow! (Nasabi ko na pala!) Wow ulit!

    I love Marga’s Fairisle Ear Flap Hat at syempre si Dora! Sinulit sila sa pagpapaunlak ng snow. 🙂

    Di ko malilimutan kung gaano ka-tuwa si Ate Pinky sa stone-covered streets at mukha naman wantisawa kayo sa nilakaran ninyo na ganun together with the cobblestone streets and pavements.

    Ang banglets mo Kuya, natawa ko kasi ang daming kuha ni Jose na di hamak na mas malala ang kinalabasan ng sa kanya! Oh well, as always carry naman. (Mga tisoy e.) Hehe!

    Oh yeah, Vienna pics pala!

    Thanks for sharing these pics. Ma-ilista nga sa pangarap ang Prague… 😀

    Twinkie, wow din kami ng wow ni Pinky ng nandoon kami… nakakamangha talaga yung lugar na iyon. From the street pavement to the architecture – hay, so beautiful.

    Fairisle ear flap ba ang tawag doon? Ako forever bonnet lang ang reference ko doon eh… cute no… so nice to see kids wearing winter wear… parang ang taba-taba kasi nila eh.

    Asar nga kami ni Pinky sa mga shots namin eh… ako puro gulo yung buhok ko kasi I have to wear a hood because of the cold weather… si Pinky naman eh laging naka bonnet… naku, napaka promdi talaga namin… kakahiya… anyway, as you said, buti nga at carry namin eh… mwahahaha!… parang si Jose 🙂

  5. you are truly blessed! Prague is also in my wish list!:) i remember i have a special novena where i first learned about Prague:) i am so bad becuase i have totally forgotten about it, thanks for reminding me Keith!

    Ces, do you know that this trip was unplanned? We never expected that my course there will be approved… super happy kami when we found out that my boss approved it. Up to now, we are still not sure why it happened. Anyway, blessing nga talaga siya.

    It is a nice place, Ces. If you get the chance, try visiting it one day.

  6. i love europe, period. 🙂 i’m happy for you and pinky at nakapaghoneymoon na naman kayo for the nth time. hee hee. 😛 thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

    Ditto Weng. Iba talaga ang appeal ng mga lugar sa Europe no. Kung hindi lang mahal pumunta doon eh ang sarap sana balik-balikan.

    Honeymoon… naku with Marga, it was hardly that. Come to think of it, ang hirap mag honeymoon when you always have 3 children in tow. Hay… how I miss those times when Pinky and I would get a chance to go around by ourselves. Pero hindi ko din naman maisip na wala ang aming tatlong mahal sa buhay. I’m sure you can also relate to this.

  7. loved the photos! postcard perfect ang bawat shots.ü what can I say, at par na sa mga professional photographers si Keith!

    and yup, snow is fun at the first few hours but all misery after that!ü

    Bro Utoy, I must give credit to my wife. Pinky took most of the shots since Marga was always asking me to carry her or push her stroller (arggh!).

    I read your snowman post and I could just imagine how you felt. Ikaw nga at least 3 days before you got tired of it. Ako super bilis lang at I suddenly hated the idea of snow. Nice for pictures though 🙂

  8. ang ganda ng Prague ano? I told you its one of the most beautiful places in europe. Para sa akin Vatican comes first, then Prague, then salzburg austria. Lahat yan naku keith pupuntahan ko yan. hahaha kesehodang tumanda na ako haha basta pupuntahan ko lahat yan.

    Maganda, Bluep. Ipunan mo tapos puntahan mo isang beses… may mga tours naman doon na will bring you to several countries at one time… yun nga lang eh mabilisan ka lang sa isang lugar… ang gusto ko lang doon eh you see a lot of places.

    I’m sure one day, mapupuntahan mo rin yan. Camera muna ang priority sa Kapepe tapos biyahe. Aabangan ko yan kapatid.

  9. prague is one of the places na hubby and i have vowed to see before we die. since that’s a long ways off pa naman, marami pang time, heheh!

    i loved the pics, grabe ang ganda ng architecture talaga diyan. and i also heard that the food is great. hopefully, soon!

    ps. marga, i love your *winks* 😀

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