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Snow Tree

We are back!  Yes, our ten day vacation work-related trip to Prague is over.  I can not believe it.  Why does time fly by so fast every time you are having fun?  Grrr.  How I wish I had the power to stop time or at least make it move a little bit slower – that would perfect!  

Anyway, since Pinky and I have not really organized our pictures yet, I will just share with all of you our not-so-recent family bonding activity (done early this month). 

One of the things I miss ever since we moved to the Middle East is having our own tree during Christmas.  As most of you know by now, the locals here have very strict rules regarding the public expression of one’s religious beliefs.  Having said this, the celebration of special religious occasions like Easter and Christmas is a definitely a no-no.

The first ever Christmas we spent abroad (in 2006) was really difficult.  We had no family to celebrate the season with us and worse, we could not celebrate Christmas at all!  However, in order to make our situation more bearable, Pinky and I decided to make our own Christmas tree, which unfortunately did not turn out so well => click here

Since we will not be able to go back to the Philippines this year (unlike in 2007), Pinky and I decided to decorate our house the way we are used too – with a simple, lighted Christmas tree!  Yes, I never knew those existed here in the Kingdom until we met one of our Pinoy friends who told us where to go.  Apparently, there are a few shops in Al Khobar which secretly sell Christmas decorations to expatriates (mostly Pinoys).  You just have to ask the store clerk discretely and he will show you their products, most of which are called under a different name (i.e. Christmas trees are called “snow trees” because it has fake snow on the tip of the leaves). Genius? I guess, especially in this part of the world.

Anyway, who cares about how people call them. What is important is that we have it and we can now do our annual family tradition of sitting in front of the lighted tree while talking, singing and drinking hot chocolate. Sarap! sarap! Now, if only the weather cooperates and becomes a little bit colder – then everything will be perfect.

Here are some of the pictures Pinky took to document this momentous event…hehehe! 


I told you they are called Snow Trees here.

Damn, this tree stand is really hard to install!

Seriously… we almost gave up.

Finally, a precious smile… this is all worth it!

I think I lost weight doing this tree (or is it just the angle of the picture?  Read: fishing for positive comments, people).

Luigi spreading the leaves…


 … and Marga too (or was she destroying it… hmmm).


A few trimmings here….

… and a few more over there…

… and voila!  Definitely a far cry from our tree two Christmases ago.









  1. Ganda-ganda naman – if I may say so myself! Yup, definitely a far cry from our previous “kingdom trees”. Way to go, Papa Santa! 😉

    Clap! clap! to us, Hon. This tree cost a lot but I think it was well worth it. The children love it (I love it too). We should have kept our old paper tree and took a picture of it beside this one… that would have been so funny… anyway, thank goodness for the Internet at least we were ale to document it. Now about Santa, I wonder if he is dropping by again this year… hmmm!

  2. very nice, bravo, bravo!!! i love the santa ornaments.

    ps: is that a winnie the pooh tree skirt i see?!? did you just steal that from marga’s blanket collection?

    Hey Rina, thanks! The Santa ornaments were given to us last year by a friend. We did not know where to put it so Pinky decided to stick it on the tree. It turned out nice if I may say so myself.

    Yes, we did not have a skirt for the tree so Pinky decided to use Marga’s old blanket. It is rectangular so medyo weird looking siya.

  3. i already commented in pinky’s blog about your picture where you looked payat! sabi niya, sa picture lang daw yun, haha! 🙂

    uy, love the tree!! ang galing! i especially like those santas near the star! i want!!

    pero in fairness, maganda rin yung tree niyo nung 2006! very creative and hard work talaga! 🙂

    welcome back, by the way! 🙂

    Thanks, Gracita. I think angle nga lang yun… mukhang super bigat ng feeling ko pa rin eh 😦

    Nakakatuwa nga yung mga santa na yon. I like it too. Buti na lang somebody gave it to us last year. Ang weird ng tree namin dati… but we had fun doing it. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng Saudi… hehehe!

  4. i was about to comment on the tree skirt also… 🙂

    meron kaming project ni Bluepanjeet, a prayer brigade for the 2010 presidential election. I hope you can join the prayer. here’s my link

    God bless!

    Hey, Bro Utoy! Pasensya ka na at hindi pa talaga ako nakaka-ikot sa mga blogs. Medyo ngayon lang ako nakahabol sa trabaho. Di bale, medyo natapos ko na ang mga dapat kong gawin sa opisina. Pupunta ako sa blog mo this week. May tag ka rin for us di ba… sige, dami ko ng utang sa iyo 🙂 I hope okay ka naman diyan sa France.

  5. wohoo! the xmas tree is up. and the kids seems to have lots of fun helping out. if only my kids here are that eager to help. hehehe!

    buti pa kayo kompleto sa xmas ornaments, kami eh walang decors this year. we figured out that there’s no sense since we’ll be in manila. which reminds me, that i should say bye to your family and extend my warmest holiday greetings. i may not have the chance since we’re off this coming wednesday.

    merry christmas to your family, keith and pinky. and i wish you a blessed new year ahead. filled with so much love, peace and happiness. thanks for your guys friendship. mwaaah!

    Oh my, Nell… let me see if the kids are still excited about this tree when we pack it up again! Baka I’ll be doing that alone 😦

    Ingit ako sa vacation mo… No point dressing up your tree nga this year since you won’t be there anyway.

    Please send our advance Christmas greetings too to your family. Thanks also for being such a great cyberpal. Enjoy the holidays.

  6. Napaisip tuloy ako sa skirt! Gusto ko kasi ng gold or red kaya lang gold ang presyo rito nun e! Hehe! Thank you sa tip, maghaluglog ako ng mga blankies ni Mia…

    Maganda ang Christmas tree ninyo dati a! Mas malaki lang nga ang ngayon. 🙂 Kakatapos ko lang este namin ni Mia ayusin ang aming first ever christmas tree nang magkapamilya. Na-excite na rin ako ikwento ang history nito. Pero no match sa lalim ng kwento ng pinanggalingan ng “snow tree” ninyo. 🙂

    I’m sure sa sunod na uwi ninyo ng Pinas, nasa listahan na ang fairy lights? Inggit ako sa stockings ang cu-cute!

    Last but not the least, angulo man o hindi, bagay ang red sa’yo. Parang kuya lang ng mga chikitings e! Hehehe!

    Twinkie, naku, how exciting magkaroon ng Christmas tree ano… medyo nahirapan lang kami to have this here pero I’m glad that we have one already. Our children love it (at siyempre ako rin)… I enjoy kasi sitting down in front of the tree and just stare at it with the lights on… do this with Mia, she will love it… our kids look for it na… we just enjoy the lights and drink hot chocolate… a great family bonding time.

    Our chrsitmas tree before… nice… hmmm, you are just so kind…we had fun doing it though… and me in red… kaya loves kits twinkie eh… and bait bait mo… kuya ng mga bata? *ting* (keith smiling from ear to ear.

  7. yey! christmas na christmas na! ang pinakaaabangan ko e kung ano ang gimmick ni santa for this year. 😉

    Weng, mukhang mahihirapan si Santa ngayon kasi nasa Bahrain kami on Christmas Eve to the 26th…. good luck to him… isip-isip na dapat siya 🙂

  8. […] And what better way to celebrate this blessed season than by having our very own “real” Christmas tree – yey!  We were all giddy with excitement as we took on the task of setting-up and decorating the tree as a family (pretty much like what we are used to back home in Manila) – there were no words to describe the extra gleam in our kids’ eyes – truly priceless. For the complete story of  “Project X(mas Tree)”, you may click the link to hubby’s blog here. […]

  9. makiki-xmas tree na lang ako sa inyo, we weren’t able to put up a tree again this year. haay! napaka-exciting naman ng inyong “snow tree” acquisition, hehehe! meron at meron talaga no? galing talaga ng mga pinoy maghanap hehehe!

  10. […] way to mark this festive and solemn occasion than by continuing on from our previous years’ family tradition, […]

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